Christmas Gift Guide for Backcountry Skiers: 2018

This final installment of our gift guide series for 2018 provides some great ideas for the backcountry skiers out there. This includes ski touring, ski mountaineering, split boarding and even the snowshoeing enthusiast—though I question their sanity. Be sure to check out our other gift guides as well and have a great Christmas season! 1. Arc’teryx Alpha SK Pack: The newest addition to the Arc’teryx … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide for Backcountry Skiers: 2018

Winter OR 2018: Ski Boots & Bindings

Not only did OR move to Denver this year, it also joined forces with the Snow Show. As you can expect this combined show was bigger with much more of a ski/ride feel than Winter OR typically does.  With the larger show my available walk-around-and-drink-beer time was curtailed as I found myself running from meeting to meeting trying to catch up with everyone. But with … Continue reading Winter OR 2018: Ski Boots & Bindings

Backcountry Skiers Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Looking for some ideas on what to get that avid backcountry skier on your list? We’ve got you covered! While in past we’ve only issued Christmas gift guides for climbers. This year we decided to include some ideas on what to get the avid skier on your list as well. So, in no particular order, here are 5 great gift ideas followed by a bonus … Continue reading Backcountry Skiers Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Ice Climbing Avalanche Gear

Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

The ice climbing community has been undergoing a paradigm shift in regards to avalanche awareness and safety.  Like the ski community’s transition to wearing helmets, ice climbers continue to become more aware of avalanches and how to mitigate the associated hazards through knowledge and equipment.  This is a much different environment than was present almost 10 years ago when I was getting introduced to the … Continue reading Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

Review: G3 FINDr 102 Skis

Released for the 2016/17 ski season the G3 FINDr line is aimed squarely at the ski mountaineering crowd.  I tested the FINDr 102, the widest in the new lineup, in a variety of snow conditions over several mountain ranges and was pleasantly surprise with just how versatile a ski it is.  Light enough to for long days of walking or boot packing, wide enough to … Continue reading Review: G3 FINDr 102 Skis

G3 Via Carbon

G3 VIA Carbon Ski Pole

The VIA Carbon pole from G3 is exactly what a ski touring or mountaineering pole should be.  And while G3 may not yet have the brand recognition of some of the larger companies, when it comes to backcountry ski touring and mountaineering they’re on the cutting edge!  I’ve been testing a few of their products this year so you can expect to see several reviews … Continue reading G3 VIA Carbon Ski Pole

Review: G3 Stinger Skis

So your ice climb is a little off the beaten path.  Literally, as no one else has yet beaten a path in!  You put your head down and start to post hole through the rotten snow.  After a few steps the crust is wearing at your shins, after a few hundred feet you’re starting to bleed.  You’ll be down to the bone before getting anywhere … Continue reading Review: G3 Stinger Skis