The Overwhelming Truth of Yosemite – For a Climber

Yosemite A place forever intertwined with the history of rock climbing, and has remained relevant in the climbing universe after many decades. While access, culture, and the valley floor are completely different when compared to the days of the Stonemasters, the source of inspiration remains the same. Through rock-fall and epics, The Valley constantly reminds us that it will remain untamed—regardless of how many millions … Continue reading The Overwhelming Truth of Yosemite – For a Climber

Beta / Trip Report: Tantalus Traverse – Fast and Light

The Tantalus Traverse is a beautiful breath taking adventure through some of Squamish’s local Mountains. Depending on your route it will be anywhere from 36km – 45km with 3600m – 5000m of elevation gain. Most commonly done from North to South, the full traverse starts at Sigurd Creek and finishes at Lake Lovey Water trail head. Some parties will take a helicopter to the Zenith … Continue reading Beta / Trip Report: Tantalus Traverse – Fast and Light

Indian Creek

Trip Guide: Indian Creek Essentials

Indian Creek is truly a crack climber’s paradise. With mile after mile of beautiful splitters in a magical desert setting it’s easy to see why crack enthusiasts return year after year. But for all you first timers out there this article will focus on some of the key equipment needed for a trip to this dessert climbing mecca. Of course I’m not going cover the … Continue reading Trip Guide: Indian Creek Essentials

Bugaboo Essentials

With summer fast approaching I’ve started planning for my annual trip into the Bugaboos, an area renown for towering alpine granite spires in the Purcell Mountains of Southeastern BC, which got me to thinking of my last trip.  This past summer I camped at the Applebee Dome campground for a few weeks, a favorite of climbers visiting the area, and met a lot of great … Continue reading Bugaboo Essentials

Bella Coola Ice

Trip Report – Bella Coola Ice Climbing 2016

The name Bella Coola conjures up visions of extreme Alaska-esq type skiing for the power hounds out there due to the number of ski movies that have filmed in the area.  However, it’s relatively unknown in the ice climbing world.  One of the obvious reasons for this, of course, is the remote nature of the community. You don’t drive through Bella Coola on the way … Continue reading Trip Report – Bella Coola Ice Climbing 2016


Climbers Guide to Squamish

With spring fast approaching I’ve found myself thinking about rock climbing more and more and getting excited about the upcoming season.  Excited for new climbs and to get back onto old projects, excited to be on the rock with the wind in my hair and the sun on my back.  However, as it’s currently pouring rain outside here in Squamish, this excitement has drawn me … Continue reading Climbers Guide to Squamish