2022 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and you aren’t sure what to get your loved ones. Sure, you could head to Chinatown into a small dark shop and pick up a Mogwai for everyone on your nice list but perhaps you should let Gizmo have this year off. The little fella is tired and well, Mogwai aren’t for everyone and tend to sink too far into the … Continue reading 2022 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

Review: Bern Watts 2.0 Helmet

The originator of the helmet brim, Bern is back with an updated version of the original Watts helmet. The Bern Watts 2.0 helmet brings the classic Watts look and visor, multi-sport functionality, and the addition of Mips at a great price.  Overview Certifications: CPSC, EN1077B, and EN1078 Weight: 350 grams Construction: DSI Vents: 11 Country of Origin: China Who is Bern? Bern is a family-owned … Continue reading Review: Bern Watts 2.0 Helmet

Review: Contour Hybrid Splitboard Skins

Review: Contour Hybrid Splitboard Skins Since glue was added to climbing skins skiers have been having issues and complaining about it. It either sticks too well, doesn’t stick enough, clumps, leaves a residue on the base, etc. And while modern glues generally work quite well the majority of the time there is of course still room for improvement. That’s where Contour’s Hybrid adhesive comes into … Continue reading Review: Contour Hybrid Splitboard Skins

Review: Cardiff Snowcraft The Goat

Long-Term Review: Cardiff Snowcraft The Goat  Cardiff snowboards have been steadily building a good reputation in the snowboard industry. Their first offering, The Cardiff Snowcraft Goat was in development for over five years and has been through ten different prototypes. It is a lightweight hard-charging touring machine that we had the opportunity to test for over two full winters. It is the board I chose … Continue reading Review: Cardiff Snowcraft The Goat

Shows full Spark Fixie Clip

Review: Spark R&D Fixie Clip

Spark Fixie Clip This season we saw at least 3 new splitboard clip designs, including the new Spark R&D Fixie Clip, all aimed to improve on the Voile hook and the K clips. Some have camming hooks to squeeze the board halves together but are be prone to rattling while other clips are needlessly complex. The new clips from Spark use a straightforward, passive design … Continue reading Review: Spark R&D Fixie Clip

Review: Bliz Nova Goggles

Review: Bliz Nova Goggles In the fall we reviewed a sweet pair of sunglasses from Swedish eyewear company Bliz.  Well, we’re back with another Bliz review but this time it is there Nova goggles that have caught our attention. The Bliz Nova Goggles incorporate a proprietary lens technology called Nordic Light into an affordable goggle that not only looks stylish but performs as well as … Continue reading Review: Bliz Nova Goggles

Comparison Review: Spark Dyno DH vs. Phantom Alpha

Splitboarding has become exponentially more popular over the last few years. As skiing and snowboarding have grown, so have the crowds at resorts and snowboarders have sought ways to get into the mountains yet maintain the feeling of being secluded. When Jeremy Jones released his Deeper movie a turning point was made. Every year since snowboarders have flocked en-masse to the backcountry.  For some the … Continue reading Comparison Review: Spark Dyno DH vs. Phantom Alpha