Patagonia Reconnaissance Pants

Review: Patagonia Reconnaissance pants

Like many outdoor companies Patagonia has come out with a new hybrid pant and jacket that combines 3-layer waterproof-breathable fabric with stretchy soft-shell material into one piece of clothing.  The idea of course is to create a garment that benefits from the advantages of both fabric types through their strategic placement.  Due to this amalgamation of fabrics the resultant garments are not technically a soft-shell or … Continue reading Review: Patagonia Reconnaissance pants

Patagonia Crag Daddy

Review: Patagonia Crag Daddy

Spring is here once again and many of us are taking our rock gear out of the dark corner that we threw it into after our fall climbing trip and getting ready to hit the crag.  To cart all that lightweight but surprisingly heavy gear around most outdoor companies have been coming out with very specialized cragging packs.  No longer do you have to use … Continue reading Review: Patagonia Crag Daddy