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ROCK 3: Crack Climbing Skills

ROCK 3: A Crack Course on Crack Climbing.

Crack climbing is a technical but non-intuitive type of rock climbing. But with a little coaching and practice the techniques for climbing all different types of cracks are easy to learn. This program covers everything from tips cracks, to finger locks, ring locks, hand jams, fist jams, cups and even stacks. Designed for climbers that want to develop their crack climbing skills and take their climbing to the next level.

Squamish is the perfect location to develop the skills needed to tackle your crack climbing goals as the approaches are short and the cracks are plentiful. This course starts thin and goes wide so the morning is spent in the Smoke Bluffs working on finger crack technique. Then after lunch you progress to hand and fist cracks. Then, to wrap up the day, some wider techniques are tackled. This includes off-width technique like hand and fist stacks for, anyone that’s interested, and some chimneying technique. Everything that you need to compress your crack climbing learning curve.

If you’ve ever wondered about proper crack climbing technique let one of our highly experienced guides show you all the tricks

Length:​​ 1 day
Cost*:​​ $175.00
Dates:​​ Courses available upon request

* Minimum of 3 participants to hold this price.