Grivel Trend Harness

Summer OR 2019: Harnesses

There were actually enough new harnesses at the Summer OR show this year to justify a harness-specific write-up! And I’m sure that if I had a little more time to walk the show floor I might have found another harness or two to add from lesser-known brands. I’ve got all the big boys covered though. CAMP Impulse and Impulse CR Harness: The Impulse and Impulse … Continue reading Summer OR 2019: Harnesses

Winter OR 2018: Ski Gear

This article covers a hodge-podge of cool new ski touring / ski mountaineering related kit. From crampons to transceivers to gloves and shovels, Winter OR & Snow Show 2018 had a lot of eye candy for the skiers! BCA Tracker S Transceiver: BCA is adding to their transceiver line with the introduction of the new Tracker S. Basically a stripped down version of the Tracker … Continue reading Winter OR 2018: Ski Gear