Grivel Trend Harness

Summer OR 2019: Harnesses

There were actually enough new harnesses at the Summer OR show this year to justify a harness-specific write-up! And I’m sure that if I had a little more time to walk the show floor I might have found another harness or two to add from lesser-known brands. I’ve got all the big boys covered though.

CAMP Impulse and Impulse CR Harness:

Camp Impulse Harness
Camp Impulse Harness

The Impulse and Impulse CR are CAMP’s new high-end climbing harnesses for rock and alpine/ice climbing. They feature a bright orange belay loop which stands out well on the blue CR model, less obvious on the white/orange model. They also feature perforated EVA foam with 3D mesh for breathability, and what CAMP is calling “Innovative Smart Webbing Technology” and “DeltaFrame Construction”, which looks to be a fancy way of saying that they’ve worked at ensuring the belt and leg loops will distribute a climbers’ weight well. I didn’t get to hang in the harness to check it out though.

CAMP Impulse CR
CAMP Impulse CR Harness.

Where the Impulse is mainly designed for rock, the Impulse CR has a few extra features that make it a bit more alpine and ice friendly. This includes an extra low-profile 5th gear loop, adjustable leg loops and ice clipper loops. I’m excited to test out the Impulse CR as it has a great list of features in what looks like a comfortable package.

  • Impulse: Orange, 355g (medium), MSRP: $79.95
  • Impulse CR: Blue, 420g (medium), MSRP $89.95
CAMP Impulse
CAMP Impulse CR features a fifth gear loop at the rear above the haul loop.

CAMP Energy Harness:

CAMP also expanded and updated their Energy harness line to include more options. This popular entry level harness now has a four buckle option, kids version and a female specific version.

Arc’teryx C-Quence Harness:

While Arc’teryx wasn’t at the OR Show, they do have a new harness coming out so I thought it worth including here. Called the C-Quence, it’s been designed with comfort in mind. The shape of the harness is the culmination of years of research into the body geometry of people with many different shapes and sizes, not just professional athletes. For the C-Quence material Arc’teryx’ is debuting a new version of their Warp Strength Technology. It looks similar to their other offerings but isn’t quite the same. This improved version of their innovative harness construction is supposed to work a little better to reduce pressure points and offer improved weight distribution. Of course this comes back to their goal of creating a very comfortable harness that’s still functional and lightweight.

As I haven’t been able to try it on yet I cannot attest to the comfort factor so let’s talk features:

  • 360g for a Mens Medium, 345g for a Womens Small
  • Color: Black and Red
  • Four plastic reinforced gear loops
  • One small rear fabric gear loop
  • Four ice clipper slots
  • Fixed leg loops

The sleek looking rock and alpine climbing harness really has all the features you need to do just about anything. And I’m psyched to see that the little buckle on the bottom hard point is gone. Mine would always come undone and annoy me to no end.

Arc’teryx C-Quence HarnessThe new C-Quence will be made in Canada and only available directly from Arc’teryx via their stores or website.

Black Diamond airNET Harness:

Black Diamond airNETThis new harness from Black Diamond was developed in collaboration with the BD Athlete Team for the 2020 Olympics and is a very lightweight and sleek unit! The new three-buckle airNET harness comes in both mens and womens versions and features patented “airNET” technology. The “NET” is made from Dynex and creates the structure of the harness instead of nylon webbing, saving weight and allowing the harness to be highly breathable while still distributing loads evenly and comfortably during falls. The seamless taped edges of the belt and leg-loops are also designed to be comfortable next-to-skin for those hot days.

Black Diamond airNET
Black Diamond’s Ifinity Loop, basically a seamless belay loop.

The new airNEt harness also has a cool, seamless belay loop that they’re calling an Infinity Loop. The white Infinity Loop is threaded through smooth Black Dynex hard points to improve durability and save weight. There are four gear loops, two pressure molded front loops and two low-profile webbing loops at the back, also to save weight and reduce bulk. The airNET weighs in at a featherlight 227g (womens medium) and is definitely designed for the send. MSRP: $160 USD.

Black Diamond airNET
The Dynex net that makes up the load bearing structure of the new airNET harnesses can actually be seen on the leg loops and waist belt.

Grivel Trend Harness:

Grivel Trend Harness
Fuzzy Leopard print.

These are the flashiest harnesses I’ve ever seen! And they’ll likely sell well because who doesn’t want a fuzzy leopard print harness to wear over their bright tights emblazoned with a unicorn, or a bunch of kittens. Well, maybe they’re not for everyone but there’s definitely a market out there for them and I wouldn’t be surprised if Grivel does well with them. That being said, I was fairly surprised that this move came from Grivel, a brand with a somewhat traditional rep.

Grivel Trend Harness

The new Trend harness will come in 4 different prints:

  • Leopard (fuzzy leopard design)
  • Python (snake skin design)
  • Abstract (not sure what to say here…)
  • Black (actually it’s a black on black tiger print)
Grivel Trend Harness

If you can look past the crazy prints, the Trend harnesses have all the key features to make them a very functional climbing harness for the crag or gym. They have a nicely padded and shaped belt and leg loops, four gear loops, a bright and easy to see belay loop and will come in four sizes. They’re expected to weigh in at about 295g (small I believe) but production versions have not yet been made so the numbers may change a bit. Sub 300g seems a little light for this type of harness though. No word on the MSRP at this point.

Mammut Comfort Knit Fast Adjust Harness:

This new harness from Mammut utilizes a split webbing design in conjunction with an open, warp-knit structure to make it incredibly breathable but still comfortable. The adjustable leg loops are being sold as “Fast Adjust“ as can be seen in the name. I have to say that I’m ok with regular speed double plate buckles though. The harness also comes with a full suite of features including four gear loops, four ice clipper slots and a haul loop making a good option for anything from cragging to multi-pitch trad or ice climbing. The belay loop comes with an indicator that shows the wearer when the harness should be replaced and of course features Mammuts’ great tie-in loop protector. If you’re not familiar with it, this fantastic plastic guard protects the lower hard-point from wearing out prematurely extending the service life of the harness.

Mammut Harness
Mammuts’ great tie-in loop protector can be seen on the bottom hard point.

The new Comfort Knit from Mammut is available in both Mens and Womens versions, as are most things from this progressive company, and will come in four sizes. The MSRP will be $159.95 USD.

Edelrid Harnesses:

Last but not least, Edelrid also has three new harnesses to show off that all kinda look like sleek versions of the old Petzl Sama, likely because of the leg loops. Impressively, they’re all manufactured in compliance with the strict bluesign® system requirements and so add to Edelrid’s expanding line of environmentally friendly options. Not surprising coming from this very environmentally conscious brand, but still great to see.

Edelrid Sendero Harness
The bright yellow belay loop and hard points have red wear indicators to let you know when they’re getting worn and the harness should be replaced

Edelrid Autana:

This new women’s specific performance climbing harness is light and compact but still fully featured with five gear loops, two ice clippers and adjustable leg loops making it quite versatile for both summer and winter pursuits. The Autana also has a longer than normal leg loop bridge that allows the waist belt to be pulled up and positioned comfortably above the hips, or so I was told.

The bright yellow belay loop and hard points are easy to see and have red wear indicators which reveal red threads when they’re getting worn and the harness should be replaced. It’ll come in five sizes, one color (jade) and weighs in surprisingly light for such four-season climbing harness at 295g for the XS up to 355g for the L. MSRP will be $84.95.

Edelrid Sendero:

Edelrid Sendero HarnessThe lightweight Sendero is designed primarily as an alpine climbing harness. It features 5 gear loops, 2 ice clippers, adjustable leg loops and dual ice screw attachment points on the leg loops for glacier travel. And like the Autana, the bright yellow belay loop and hard points have red wear indicators to let you know when they’re getting worn and the harness should be replaced. The Sendero will be dark blue, come in 3 sizes between S and L and weigh in between 315g and 355g. The MSRP will be $84.95.

Edelrid Sendero Harness

Edelrid Sirana:

Edelrid SiranaThis last harness is quite similar to the Sendero and Autana in construction but more focused on rock climbing in its feature set. It has a single buckle on the waist belt and non-adjustable leg loops to save some weight. Features include the same five gear loops and dual ice clipper slots as its brethren but also a rear chalk bag loop. It also features the same bright yellow belay loop and hard points with red wear indicators to let you know when the harness should be replaced. The Sirana will come in a red color that Edelrid is calling salsa. Sizes will range from XS to L and weigh between 235g and 350g. MSRP will be $69.95.