Comparison Review of MSR Pocket Rockets

Comparison Review: MSR Pocket Rocket 2 vs. Deluxe

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 vs. the Deluxe

The name says it all.  This compact, lightweight, butane powered jet stove is well known in the outdoor world. Not limited to just climbers or hikers, the Pocket Rocket is perfect for anyone.  You might be a fisherman who needs a small stove for your boat, or a tree planter who wants a lightweight stove in your lunch kit.  The list goes on. It is good for melting snow or warming up your lunch or even toasting some bread. Here’s what you need to know about the new Pocket Rocket Deluxe and the well known Pocket Rocket 2.

MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe + GSI Miniespresso + GSI Glacier Cup

MSR has 3 stoves in the Pocket Rocket Line: the original “Pocket Rocket” which is no longer in production, the  “2” and now for 2019 the “Deluxe”.


The Pocket Rocket Deluxe:

After using the Deluxe I have to admit I’m very impressed with all the features MSR has packed into such a small stove. Using a high quality regulator this stove has the ability to simmer, while most compact stoves are more difficult to regulate.  In my eyes, the built-in igniter is a must have.  No more looking around for a lighter. MSR installed a pressure regulator on the Deluxe model.  It helps keep the boil time / heat output consistent in height altitude weather and when your fuel is running low. Coming in at 83g it does weigh slightly more than the Pocket Rocket 2 as you would expect for the added features. Compared to other unregulated stoves, the Pocket Rocket Deluxe has boiling times averaging 1 minute faster in colder temperatures.


  • Has an Igniter
  • Ability to Simmer
  • Quiet


  • Sits Higher on a Canister than the 2
  • 10g Heavier than the 2


MSR Pocket Rocket 2

The Pocket Rocket 2:

It is known for being super lightweight and durable. A very basic stove that is highly reliable for your backpacking needs. Its great for boiling water and melting snow. One thing you will notice right away is that this stove is far from stealthy, probably the loudest compact stove I have ever used. Also the pot stand on the Pocket Rocket 2 is very small, you need to be sure that your pot or pan is very centered otherwise it might fall over. This all said, it is one of the lightest stoves on the market.


  • Very Light


  • No Igniter
  • Loud
  • Small Pot Stand

The Differences:

So looking at the chart above it does show some minor differences between the stoves. Yes, the Deluxe is 10g more but I would totally say that it’s worth it! Normally I’m all for fast and light setups but in this case I would take the Deluxe stove every time. Its built in igniter is so nice and works like a charm. No more super cold fingers and fumbling around for your lighter. Even though the boil times are the same, we noticed that the Pocket Rocket Deluxe used a little less gas overall. Since it is more fuel efficient with the regulator, you will actually be lighter because you need to pack less gas.

Having a stove you can actually cook with in the backcountry or trip of any kind is a great feature. It doesn’t limit you to just boiling water or heat blasting / burning your food.

Testing on climbing trips! MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe, GSI Glacier SS Cup, GSI Microlite Twist 720

Now something to keep in mind (shown in the picture).  The stove attached to a larger canister will sit quite high. When making coffee I spilled the whole pot.  This made for some upset partners. Between both stoves, the Deluxe model does sit noticeable higher.

JetBoil Canister Support
MSR Universal Canister Stand

It would be nice if it had a more stable base, though this would involve adding something to the base of your fuel can. Many brands make canister support you can buy separately that would work great.

This stove is not for big wall climbers. They generally need the option of hanging the stove when on the wall. Nothing against the Pocket Rocket, but its simply not designed for it.

MSR supplied the stoves but in no way influenced this review.

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