Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie

Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie

Since arriving on the market a few years ago Adidas’ new Outdoor line has been making a big impact with impeccably cut, well-fitting jackets made from cutting edge materials.  The Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie is no exception, a very light-weight and warm down jacket that feels great to wear and has a flattering cut.  I received the jacket last fall and have spent the winter testing it out in all kinds of conditions.

Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie
The perfect jacket for a cool day at the coast.

Before we jump into the review let’s look at the specs for the Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie (I’m going to refer to it as the TCAD Hoodie from now on as that name’s a bit of a digital mouthful):

  • Exterior Colors: Clear Grey (see though silver), Night Cargo (green I think)
  • Inside Colors: Bright Orange
  • Down Fill: 90/10 goose down, 800+ fill power, RDS certified
  • Fabric: Pertex Quantum® GL
  • Weight: 355g
  • Other:
    • Heat Guards at neck, sleeves and waist
    • Heat Seals on every other baffle (covers stitching lines & reduces the number of potential cold spots through the overlap)
    • 100% nylon ripstop

The TCAD Hoodie is designed as a light mid or outer layer and Adidas has really focused making it very light and warm from the design to the fit and the materials chosen.

Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie
testing out the Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie on a trip into the alpine.

The thin interior and outer material is Pertex Quantum® GL, a soft feeling fabric that’s very lightweight and strong while allowing the down to loft well.  While it is supposed to be a strong fabric for its weight the Pertex used on the jacket is really quite thin, see-through even, giving it a very delicate feel.  However, the fabric has proven to be very resilient having stood up to skiing through trees, long bush-wacking missions to ice climbs and so on where it has snagged on numerous trees without even a visible scratch.  I did manage to put a small hole in the sleeve eventually however but it took getting caught on my freshly sharpened ice tools and even then the hole was very small due to the rip-stop nature of the fabric.  All-in-all the fabric is impressively strong given how thin it is.  Unfortunately the Pertex is not waterproof so prolonged periods of precipitation or wet climbs can be a problem.

To keep it light and warm the jacket is filled with ethically sourced 800 fill down.  When combined with the great fit and the soft fabric the jacket make it feel like you’re wearing almost nothing.

A great feature on the jacket that really helps stop any drafts or warm air from escaping, are what Adidas calls Heat Guards.  Basically what they’ve done is installed a thin stretchy baffle around the wrists and at the neck that serves to stop any cold air from getting in.  They also work well at keeping snow out.  At the waist they have a draw string to act as the heat shield and it works really well because of the great fit.

Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie
Heat Guards at the wrists of the Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie

A unique feature on the hoodie are stretchy softshell fabric patches under the arms.  These small patches of fabric allow that area of the jacket to breathe a bit and really allow the arms to stretch and move.

Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie
Small panels of softshell material under the arms allow the jacket to move well and breath in these high-heat areas.

According to their promotional material Adidas added heat seals on every other baffle, basically halving the number of cool stitching lines.  As the jacket is relatively see-through I investigated this claim and could find no evidence of such a feature.  A mistake in the promotional material maybe?

The TCAD hoodie has 3 pockets, two hand pockets and a chest pocket that doubles as a stuff sac for the jacket.  I would have been great to also have an internal stuff pocket for gloves, a beanie, etc.

Adidas Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie
While the hood is helmet compatible the jacket seems to sit a bit high with the hood over a helmet, a common issue across many brands.

Pros:      Light, great fit, good mobility, nice feel

Cons:     Not water resistant

Overall: Super lightweight and warm the Terrex Climaheat Agravic Down Hoodie is an ideal mid-layer when it’s really cold out.

A test sample was provided but did not influence the review in any way.  Photos by