Review: Scarpa Phantom Tech

Scarpa has been a world leader in the mountain boot industry since 1930 and are still going strong today! Released in 2016, the Phantom Tech is the lightest boot in Scarpa’s Phantom series which also includes the Phantom 6000 and Phantom 8000. While both the 6000 and 8000 are geared more towards high altitude mountaineering, the Tech is designed specifically for technical climbing and replaces the … Continue reading Review: Scarpa Phantom Tech

Winter OR 2018: Summer Climbing Footwear

While Winter OR typically has a winter / cold weather focus there’s always some warm weather gear to check out as well. This year it seemed that most companies had new or updated footwear on display. In no particular order here are the new shoes you can expect to find this fall just in time for the road-trip climbing season: Scarpa Mescalito Approach Shoes: Scarpa … Continue reading Winter OR 2018: Summer Climbing Footwear

Scarpa Vapor Lace

Review: Scarpa Vapor Lace

I’ve been a long-time fan of Scarpa’s Vapor V shoes, both the original and the 2015 updated version, they fit my feet well and really seemed to have found that Goldilocks zone of comfort and performance.  The recently released lace-up version of the shoe, which is simply called the Vapor Lace (or just Vapor), takes the performance of the sport shoe into the realm of crack climbing, all … Continue reading Review: Scarpa Vapor Lace

Scarpa Vapor V

Review: Scarpa Vapor V

The 2015 version of the Vapor V has been on the market since the spring giving me the opportunity to really put them to the test.  The original Vapor V shoes were my go-to shoes for the gym and outdoor face climbing, both cragging and shorter multi-pitch climbs.  They performed like the Muira but fit my foot much better.  The only complaint that I had with the … Continue reading Review: Scarpa Vapor V

Crack Climbing Shoes

Comparison Review: Crack Shoes

As a climber, I find that one of the hardest pieces of equipment to get right are my climbing shoes.  They never feel the same in the atmosphere controlled environment of the local climbing shop after wearing them for a few minutes as they do wrapped around my fear sweat soaked feet a few pitches up a sun baked rock wall.  Add to that the … Continue reading Comparison Review: Crack Shoes