Belay Glasses

Comparison Review: Belay Glasses

Belay glasses have come a long way over the past 10 years. Once hard to find, often requiring an online order from overseas, they’re almost commonplace nowadays. With this increase in availability has come a variety of options with ranges of quality, cost and style from different manufacturers. But now that we have a spectrum of different belay glasses to choose from it’s harder to … Continue reading Comparison Review: Belay Glasses

Indian Creek

Trip Guide: Indian Creek Essentials

Indian Creek is truly a crack climber’s paradise. With mile after mile of beautiful splitters in a magical desert setting it’s easy to see why crack enthusiasts return year after year. But for all you first timers out there this article will focus on some of the key equipment needed for a trip to this dessert climbing mecca. Of course I’m not going cover the … Continue reading Trip Guide: Indian Creek Essentials

Climbing Anchor

From Gym to Crag Pt. 3: Anchor Kits

Unlike the fairly uniform and well maintained anchors provided at climbing gyms, outdoor crags can offer a wide variety of anchor points, or nothing at all. And of course different situations will require different gear. That being said, most areas are set-up with a pair of bolts that can be used to build either a top-rope or lead anchor. This article will review different equipment … Continue reading From Gym to Crag Pt. 3: Anchor Kits

Climbers Christmas Guide 2017: Stocking Stuffers

Another year seems to have flown by and the holiday season’s approaching once again. If you’ve got a hard-to-shop-for climber in the family don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this first installment of the guide we’ll look at 10 great ideas for smaller “stocking stuffer” type gift options. Basically cool stuff that will cost less than $100. The next installment will cover some bigger … Continue reading Climbers Christmas Guide 2017: Stocking Stuffers