Summer OR 2019: Winter Climbing Gear

Surprisingly, in a very good way, there was a lot of winter-focused gear at this year’s Summer OR show. Enough to justify a winter specific article anyway! So, as an avid ice climber I just had to start this summer’s series of OR reports by covering winter climbing kit. Asolo Boots: Asolo has given a few of their alpine boots a serious upgrade and the … Continue reading Summer OR 2019: Winter Climbing Gear

Petzl Sum'tec

Review: Petzl Sum’tec

There’s a wide range of alpine ice axes or piolets on the market and it can seem confusing or intimidating when trying to choose one.  However, when it comes to a versatile alpine climbing and mountaineering tool the Petzl Sum’tec has no rival.  If you’re in the market for a great tool for summer mountaineering and alpinism this is it! Features: Options*: 52cm Hammer 52cm … Continue reading Review: Petzl Sum’tec