Evolv Cruzer Psyche

Review: Evolve Cruzer Psyche Approach Shoe

Exceptionally light and compact, Evolv’s Cruzer Psyche is the way to go when you expect to spend most of the day with your approach shoes in the pack or clipped to your harness.  This of course means that they excel on multi-pitch climbs that require a walk-off but they’re also good for the crag and I even as a hut bootie.  So what’s the downside with these … Continue reading Review: Evolve Cruzer Psyche Approach Shoe

Crack Climbing Shoes

Comparison Review: Crack Shoes

As a climber, I find that one of the hardest pieces of equipment to get right are my climbing shoes.  They never feel the same in the atmosphere controlled environment of the local climbing shop after wearing them for a few minutes as they do wrapped around my fear sweat soaked feet a few pitches up a sun baked rock wall.  Add to that the … Continue reading Comparison Review: Crack Shoes