Alien Revolution Cam

Review Update: Alien Revolution Cam

Fixe recently came out with the newest rendition of the Alien cam, the Revolution (not to be confused with the 2015 Evolution model).  It seems the idea behind the redesign of the updated cam was to address a few of the flaws or issues that they’d been experiencing.  Namely the trigger wires fraying and the trigger sleeve detaching.  A more detailed description and some photos of these … Continue reading Review Update: Alien Revolution Cam

Alien cam

Update: Alien Evolution Issues

I was recently at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City and had a chance to sit down with one of Fixe’s designers to discuss some of the issues that have been cropping up with their new cams and get a few answers to some questions I had regarding the trigger wires and the absent black Alien Evolution cam. As you may or may … Continue reading Update: Alien Evolution Issues

Alien Evolution

Update: Alien Evolution, Trigger Wire and Sleeve Issues

July 6, 2015 Update:  Trigger Wire & Sleeve Issues In the month since writing the below article I’ve come across a few small issues with the Alien Evolution Cams.  One involving the trigger sleeve and the other the trigger wires.  The issues first cropped up on a pitch mid-way up Mt. Slesse.  My partner was having trouble getting a green alien cam placement out, a lot of trouble.  … Continue reading Update: Alien Evolution, Trigger Wire and Sleeve Issues

Alien cams

Field Tested: Alien Evolution Cams

When Alien cams were first introduced by Dave Waggoner they revolutionized climbing protection and have since become a familiar name in every crack climbing household.  The narrow head and flexible stems were unlike any cam available on the market at the time and could be securely placed where no other cam could.  While these cams have set the standard for big walls and protecting tight … Continue reading Field Tested: Alien Evolution Cams