Rock Rescue Clinic

Black Sheep Adventure Sports’ Rock Rescue Clinic – All the skills you’ll need to know if $h#t goes sideways.

Petzl RAD
3:1 mechanical advantage for hauling

Could you deal with the technical aspects of rescuing your climbing partner on a multi-pitch rock or alpine climb? Say they fell when leading a traverse and are now hanging on the end of the rope and not responding to your shouts? How about something a bit simpler, you just need to raise your buddy that slipped pulling a roof and can’t get back on the climb? Despite good intentions there are always things that can go wrong when on the wall or in the alpine and there’s nothing worse than that sense of helplessness you get when you don’t know what to do or how to help.

Various prusik cord options

Our Rock Rescue clinic is designed to give you the tools to help yourself and/or your climbing partner if something goes wrong in the vertical world. A must-have course for any active rock climber or alpine climber that will allow you to tackle climbs in a safe, secure and be self-sufficient manner.

Some of the specific skills you will learn include:

  • Escaping the belay system
  • Lowering a fallen climber
  • Raising a fallen climber
  • Tandem rappel
  • Counterbalance rappel
  • Ascending a rope

Length:​​ 1 days
Prerequisites:​​ None
Cost:​​ $149.00 plus tax per person
Dates:​​ May 29, 2021 (additional dates can be made available upon request)

Rock Rescue
A tandem rappel, a great skill to have in the toolbox in case you or your partner get injured.

Fine Print:

  • A $75 deposit is due upon booking
  • The final payment due 15 days prior to the trip
  • Trips subject to 5% GST
  • We highly recommend Travel & Medical insurance
  • Be sure to look over our Booking Policies
  • Participants will be required to sign a Waiver