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Gym to Crag Transitions

Transition from the Gym to the Crag with this Outdoor Climbing Course.

Our Gym to Crag Transitions course focuses on giving gym climbers the skills they need to take their climbing out of the gym and into the outdoors.

We get going with an evening gear briefing. Designed to give you the knowledge to buy the right kit for climbing outside we will discuss the ins and outs of quick-draws, trad-draws, ropes & rope bags, anchor kits, etc. Some time will also be spent discussing gear maintenance, racking and some handling tricks that will make you look like a pro. Finally, the evening will wrap up with a little chat about outdoor cragging ethics & general codes of conduct.

Scarpa Maestro MidThe following day will be spent at different crags in the Squamish area and will focus on practicing the hard skills needed to safely climb outdoors: Setting up a top rope, cleaning a top rope, lead climbing with draws, seconding a climb, cleaning a lead anchor, etc.

Length:​​ 1.5 days ​(6pm to 9pm on the Friday, 9am to 4:30 on Sat.) ​
Cost:​​ $175.00 plus tax per person ​
Prerequisites:​​ Experience climbing in a gym
Gear Required:​​ Harness, shoes & belay device. Helmets supplied.
Dates:​​ 2021 Dates TBD