DB Journey Roamer Review

DB Journey Roamer Split Duffel Review The DB Journey Roamer Split Duffel continues DB Journey’s innovative line of luggage. Duffel-shaped, the Roamer wears like a backpack, goes in hand like a duffel, and organizes as well as your favorite wheeled luggage. All that and it’s built to take a beating just like your favorite camp bag.    Overview Main fabric: 100% Recycled Nylon 840D Ballistic with … Continue reading DB Journey Roamer Review

Review: Hydro Flask Trail Bottle

Hydro Flask Trail Bottle Review  Hot drinks are essential when in the mountains in the winter. The problem with most insulated bottles is they can be very heavy. The Hydro Flask Trail Series of bottles, also called the Lightweight line, keep you warm and hydrated and with 20% less weight than their ever-popular standard bottles.  Overview Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel Sizes Tested: 709 ml (24 … Continue reading Review: Hydro Flask Trail Bottle

Review: Scarpa Ribelle Run

Review: Scarpa Ribelle Run Scarpa continues to put their mark on the trail shoe scene with this fantastic addition to their shoe line. A Full TPU Rand, Presta outsole, sock fit, and water-resistant upper make the Scarpa Ribelle Run read like a dream list for rugged trail shoes. Read on to see why these Dolomite born shoes are a contender for my favorite trail shoe … Continue reading Review: Scarpa Ribelle Run

Review: Arcteryx Rho Hybrid Crew

Arcteryx Rho Hybrid Crew Review Arcteryx swings for the fences with the Arcteryx Rho Hybrid Crew by combining their proprietary Phasic™ AR II material with merino wool panels to create a base layer that keeps you warm, doesn’t stretch out, and tames the funk of multi-day adventures. Read on to see if they knocked it out of the park or hit a foul ball.  Overview … Continue reading Review: Arcteryx Rho Hybrid Crew

fjallraven keb trouser trekking in bush

Review: Fjällräven Keb Trousers

A Guide’s Review of the Fjällräven Keb Trousers There is a plethora of trekking trousers on the market. They tend to be designed to be light and fast using every modern material possible or strong enough to work on a construction site with burly more traditional materials. The Fjällräven Keb trousers blend strong waxed canvas with modern stretch materials, combining the best of both worlds … Continue reading Review: Fjällräven Keb Trousers

Review: Anon MFI Facemasks

A Review of the Anon MFI Tech Balaclava +  MFI Facemask Magnets are amazing. They hold your pockets closed without snaps, keep your iPhone attached to your wireless charger, and can even propel trains. The Anon MFI Tech balaclava seamlessly attaches your facemask to the bottom of your goggles with the power of magnets. Tucking in your buff is now a thing of the past.  … Continue reading Review: Anon MFI Facemasks

Review: Nitecore UT27

A Guide’s Review of the Nitecore UT27 + NB10000 The Nitecore UT27 is a dual-beam headlamp designed for trail runners but there is no need for it to be pigeonholed as a running headlamp. It’s a lightweight headlamp with the power to be a reliable basecamp headlamp, trekking light, and emergency light for dark starts and full-value ski touring days. Add in its lightweight and … Continue reading Review: Nitecore UT27

Review: Fjällräven High Coast Wind Jacket

A Guide’s Review of the Fjällräven High Coast Wind Jacket Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. It’s a rare day that you are in the mountains and there is no wind. That means at a minimum you should be carrying a wind jacket anytime you head into the hills. The lightweight, quick-drying, and stylish Fjällräven High Coast Wind jacket may be the answer you are … Continue reading Review: Fjällräven High Coast Wind Jacket

Review: Enfuse Shift Bindings

A Guide’s Review of the Enfuse Splitboard Bindings Enfuse’s first offering, the Shift, is a bomb-proof splitboard binding with a unique but straightforward attachment system that’s simple enough for beginners and strong enough for advanced riders. They took the abuse of touring and heli-skiing without a problem and have seen a few new updates for 2022/23 that will make them even better.  Overview Material: 6082 … Continue reading Review: Enfuse Shift Bindings