Summer Courses

We are pleased to announce that starting June 15 we will be able to resume many of our programs. Please feel free to contact us about any potential courses, trips or guided adventures.

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor skills you’ve come to the right place. We offer courses in a wide variety of climbing and mountaineering disciplines including: Sport Climbing, Lead Climbing, Trad Climbing, Multi-Pitch, Rock Rescue, Crevasse Rescue, Mountaineering & Alpinism. Of course not all of the courses are always scheduled. A short list of the courses we have planned for this summer are listed below. If you don’t find the course you’re looking for just shoot me an email and I’m sure we can get something organized for you.

Current Courses:

Gym to Crag Transitions: 

Rock ClimbingThis weekend clinic focuses on giving gym climbers the skills they need to take their climbing to the next level and start climbing outdoors.


Intro to Lead Climbing

This introductory course focuses on giving you the skills and knowledge required to safely go lead climbing in the outdoors, away from the safety nets provided in the gym environment.


Intro to Trad Climbing

Trad climbing is a step up in both complexity and consequence from sport climbing, but it’s also exceptionally rewarding and liberating. Taught by ACMG certified guides, this course focuses on giving you a strong foundation in trad climbing to allow you to really get the most of out the amazing rock we have here in Squamish and fast track your progression into areas like the Bugaboos and beyond.

Crack Climbing Skills:

Crack climbing is a technical but non-intuitive type of rock climbing. But with a little coaching and practice the techniques for climbing all different types of cracks are easy to learn. This program covers everything from tips cracks, to finger locks, ring locks, hand jams, fist jams, cups and even stacks.

Mult-Pitch Systems:

SquamishReady to take your rock climbing higher, way higher? Whether you’re an expert climber wanting a refresher or new to outdoor rock climbing this course will cover all the skills required to tackle multi-pitch climbing routes quickly and safely.

Rock Rescue Clinic:

This course is designed to give you the tools to help yourself and/or your climbing partner if something goes wrong in the vertical world. A must-have course for any active rock climber or alpine climber that will allow you to tackle climbs in a safe, secure and be self-sufficient manner.

Summer Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue:

This two-day crevasse rescue and glacier travel course is designed to give you the skills you’ll need to get into the alpine this summer. Whether it’s the Tantalus range, Bugaboos, Wapta or some other amazing but glaciated area you will have the tools and knowledge to deal safely and efficiently with any glacier travel. And should things go wrong or you run into a problem you will have the gear and skills to solve it yourself.