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Backcountry Lodge Based Ski Touring & Split-boarding Trips

Every winter BlackSheep Adventure Sports offers a variety of guided, and typically catered, trips into backcountry lodges all over BC. Some are offered every year while others are unique trips into new areas or lodges that we want to explore. Most of our regular trips can be booked a bed at a time while others are exclusive bookings or custom packages for a group of friends.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for below feel free to reach out and chat options with us: We’re more than happy to help!


Haberl Hut

A quick helicopter flight from the Squamish Airport will deposit you at the picturesque Jim Haberl Hut in the heart of the Tantalus Range. The Tantalus area offers a wide range of ski touring and ski mountaineering objectives from gentle glacier runs to steep couloirs and fluted faces all surrounded by picturesque granite peaks and glaciers.

Journeyman Lodge

Using the remote Journeyman Lodge as a home-base, this fully guided and catered ski touring package has it all: amazing skiing, great food and luxurious accommodation! The Journeyman Lodge is found in the heart of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, deep in the Upper Callaghan Basin at 4,500′ (1,370m) above sea level. Accessed by Snowcat, it offers many of the comforts of home in a pristine skiers paradise.

Carlyle Lodge

Mt Carlyle Lodge sits at 2200m in the heart of the Kokanee Range in BC’s World Famous Selkirk Mountains. Miners in the 1800’s were the first “Powder Prospectors” to realize that these mountains were to become British Columbia’s premier powder skiing destination. Like those pioneers, come stake your claim to Carlyle Lodge’s “White Gold”! With an average yearly snowfall of over 700 inches per year, The “Powder Motherload” is always close at hand, not another elusive dream.


Journeyman Lodge

An annual backcountry lodge trip for BlackSheep, this easy to access paradise has amazing snow, great terrain and a cozy environment. What more can you ask for! If you’re thinking about visiting Journeyman click on the link above to see if we have a package that might work for you! If not, shoot us an email and we’ll see if we can get something figured out.

Haberl Hut

Ski Mountaineering BootpackAnother one of our favorite backcountry lodges (hut) because of where it is and the amazing skiing! We typically run one winter trip per year into the Haberl so if you’re interested be sure to let us know! Unfortunately the permit that we have with the park doesn’t allow us to advertise dates, however we’ve got some booked every year!

Powder Creek Lodge

Powder CreekJust across Kooteney Lake from the small town of Kaslo, nestled into the West slopes of the Purcell mountains, this well appointed lodge has a lot to offer just about every ability and fitness level. From long tours, steep couloirs and unique pillow lines to mellow open trees right outside the door.

Sentry Lodge, GAH

GAH Sentry

The newest and largest lodge in Golden Alpine Holidays’ string of backcountry lodges in the Esplanade Range of the northern Selkirk mountains. It doesn’t have flush toilets but it does have electricity, WiFi and a ping-pong table! Even better, it has an amazing assortment of alpine bowls and steep, pillowy and playful lines through the trees.

Valkyr Lodge

Backcountry LodgeThe first of three lodges that Shelly and Martin, a industrious and hardworking Kootenay couple, built in the Valkyr Range new the well known Valhalla Park. This well thought out lodge is ideally situated for all ability levels, has skiing right to the door and beer on tap… need I say more!?

Hilda Lodge

Hilda Lodge

Another of Martin and Shelly’s Valkyr lodges, the Hilda is an absolute gem and truly a must-visit backcountry lodge for any advanced avid ski tourer or split-boarder. Well appointed with WiFi, electricity and flush toilets and situated in a magical but complex ski paradise. Unfortunately lots of people have figured this out so you’ve got to plan ahead and book ahead. If you’re keen for a trip to Hilda let us know!

Valhalla Mountain Lodge

Valhalla Mountain LodgeOne of the older commercial ski touring lodges around, Valhalla also has some of the most incredible terrain. Situated at the base of Mt. Woden on the edge of the Valhalla Provincial Park this is a backcountry touring paradise. It’s also home to one of my all-time favorite runs: Valhalaluya, 1300m of pure bliss! The lodge custodian/owner can be a little cantankerous at times but he keeps this rustic lodge in ship-shape.

Kokanee Glacier Lodge

The Kokanee Glacier Cabin (a lodge really!) is located on the shores of Kaslo lake in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, an amazing ski touring / splitboarding paradise. Sitting mostly above 1,800 metres in elevation, the park has three glaciers – Kokanee, Caribou, and Woodbury – which feed over 30 lakes. As you can expect, this also makes the cabin home to endless skiing terrain with something for almost every level of skier. This trip is being offered as an exclusive booking for the ACC Vancouver section and so bookings are to be made through the Section.

 Purcell Mountain Lodge

Nestled on the west slopes of the Purcell Mountains, on the edge of Glacier National Park, Purcell Mountain Lodge is surrounded by some of the best ski touring terrain and snow anywhere! On sunny days large alpine tours can be undertaken amongst the peaks surrounding the lodge and down big alpine bowls. When it’s storming and the pow is fresh, there’s tons of naturally gladed tree runs to tackle. This is a private group booking, if you have a group of 4-8 and are interested we can send over an info package: Request more info