2023 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

2023 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

Every year brings new hopes, not just on the slopes, but under the Christmas tree as well. Start this winter off right for your special shredder with some gear essentials, or perhaps, some gear splurges. All the good boys and girls read our Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide. Leave the coal to Krampus lovers and give the gift of shred.

Le Bent Merino Socks

The Le Bent Townsend (L) and De Le Rue (R) Pro Socks

We got a hold of some Le Bent socks mid season last year, and it was hard to imagine wearing any other socks afterwards! Made with a mixture of Nylon, Rayon from Bamboo, Merino and Elastane, these socks stay up well and keep the funk low. 

The Cody Townsend Pro Series Zero Cushion is a minimalists dream. With a material that doesn’t overheat and no extra padding to be bulky in your boots, this was my sock of choice splitboarding last Spring. 

The Xavier De Le Rue Pro Series sock has moderate padding that helps insulate the wearer and provide a bit of cushioning should you have gone the hard boot route and sized down a little too much. I found these socks best on those extra cold days where some folks were wearing two pairs of socks.

The POC Nivalis Sunglasses

Bright Lights, Dark Lenses. The POC Nivalis Sunglasses

The Gift of eyesight, that’s what you get with the POC Nivalis Sunglasses. Magnetically closing side shades, a Category 3 mirror finish, and retro glacier glass styling make these shades a cool present for the splitboard mountaineer on your good list.

The Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio and Hand Mic

Christmas Bells and the Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio

Give the gift of two way communication with the Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio. 2 watts of power, outstanding battery life, and a super strong case mean this present will be around for Christmases to come. Rocky Talkie now makes a waterproof hand mic that looks to be just as burly as the radio. Even better, the radio can now be shoved into a pocket deep our fo the way in your bag and communications will remain crystal clear and that giant button? So easy to push.

Want an in-depth look into Rocky Talkie. Read our review HERE.

Oyuki Pep GTX glove

The Oyuki Pep GTX Trigger Mitt

Oyuki is no stranger to snow. Their name means Big Snow in Japanese. They linked up with Pep Fujas (I know, he’s a skier and this is a snowboarder’s list but the man can SHRED) to create a durable Trigger glove with tried and true Goat Leather in the Oyuki Pep GTX glove. Include a Gore-Tex membrane and PrimaLoft Gold Insulation and you’ve got one heck of a good glove. 

Designed by Pep Fujas to be the ultimate winter workhorse. This trigger mitt is crafted from durable goatskin leather, a GORE-TEX waterproof membrane and PrimaLoft® Gold insulation to keep your digits warm in cold weather conditions. The separate index finger will allow the shredder in your life to point out sick lines while keeping the rest of their hands toasty. 

Ekrin Bantam

The Ekrin Bantam

Bigger is better, until you travel, and then smaller is better. Kind of. Enter the Ekrin Bantam. This lightweight percussion tool at 1.1 pounds is perfect for the shredder on the move. I cannot bog down its brushless motor, no matter how hard I push the Bantam into my thigh, and I love that it recharges via USB-C.  It has four attachments, though the round silicone head stays permanently attached to mine. It has three speeds and can run for up to 6 hours on a single charge. It’s currently my favorite percussion massage gun and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Ekrin Bantam 

Fix RB1 Binding

The Gift of Connecting with loved ones (Your board!) thanks to the Fix RB1 Binding

It does not get any better than Fix’s RB1 binding. Fix’s flagship binding has an asymmetrical heel cup, the most comfortable injection molded ankle straps I’ve ever used and a base plate and buckles that have a lifetime warranty. These are like strapping a turbocharger on your board but with that warranty, you won’t blow a piston. If the snowboarder in your life love’s having a good connection with you, and their board, get the Fix RB1 under their  tree now.  

Anon M5 Goggles

Give the Gift of sight when it’s arm pit deep with the brand new Anon M5 Goggles. New for Winter 23/24, the M5 build on the success of the M3 and M4. The M5 pack in the same fantastic lenses as the previous generation, including my all time favorite Cloudy Burst, but they are easier to change thanks to a more flexible frame construction. They aren’t as big as the M4 so they will fit smaller faces easily and the magnets? 50% stronger than previous gen Anon goggles. Don’t stop there as the lenses are now flat toric, giving the appearance of a flat but with a subtle curve to add a wider field of view. Finally, the M5 comes with an MFI face mask. A must for those deep days where there’s so much pow your choking on it.

Rux 70L and Waterproof Bag

The Rux 70L and Rux Waterproof Bag under the Xmas Tree

You’re going to need to carry all these gifts to and from the mountain, so do it in style with the Rux 70L. This is a durable, rugged and waterproof carryall that can be adjusted in so many ways, it’s like a transformer for your gear. It’s cavernous 70L carries two pairs of boots easily, more than a couple helmets and goggles, but is not limited to just that. I’m sure it would handle your Milwaukee M18 collection just as well. It’ll definitely last a lifetime of mountain adventures. 

Looking to make it a set? Check out the Rux Adventure Set that ups the organizational game with a Rux Waterproof bag, a Rux Bag, and a Rux Pocket. It’s like lego made the most rugged way to get gear to the hills. 

Bluebird: Coffee, Tuning & Rentals

Has the rider in your life already gifted themselves a new board, or gotten too excited, charged hard early in the season and now is looking for a repair? Get them a gift certificate to Squamish’ newest tuning and repair shop, Bluebird: Coffee, Tuning & Rentals. You get to have a fantastic coffee and they get to have the fastest base in town!

The Gift of Education, a course with BlackSheep

The rider on your good list already has a splitboard and is looking for more knowledge on touring in the backcountry? Give them the gift of education. BlackSheep Adventure offers AST-1, AST-2, Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue and Intro to Splitboarding classes that are sure to be a hit thai winter vacation. 

Looking for more ideas, check out our older Christmas Gift Guides.

BlackSheep Adventure Sports was provided with some free gear in this article. It in no way does this affect our opinion of this gear. We recommend it here because we like it!