Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel and Recovery Mix Review

Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel and Recovery Mix Review

Electrolytes. They’re what’s for during and after your mission in the mountains. Colorado-born Tailwind Nutrition makes great-tasting sports drink mixes to help keep you performing for short and long adventures. Easily adjusted to match your flavor-strength preference, they have a wide range of protein, caffeine, and sodium levels to match your adventure needs. 


  • Weight per Pack: 62-67 grams  
  • Flavors Tested: Mandarin Endurance Fuel, Raspberry Endurance Fuel, Chocolate Recovery Fuel 
  • Country of Origin: USA 

What is the Tailwind Nutrition?

Tailwind Nutrition started with the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race in Colorado. By the end of the race, Tailwind Nutrition founder Jeff Vierling ejected his breakfast due to stomach issues by the end. As a result, he set out to create a sports supplement that would allow him to excel in the mountains and not be hard on the gut. Jeff began learning everything he could find about sports nutrition and how the body processes fuel. After a lot of tweaking and testing on the trails in Durango, Jeff along with his wife, Jenny, began Tailwind Nutrition. 

Tailwind Nutrition now offers 8 flavors of Endurance Fuel, meant to be taken during the activity. Four of them are caffeinated and four are not. They also offer four Recovery Fuel mixes, two of which are caffeinated and two are not. 

I had the opportunity to try three of the products, Mandarin Endurance Fuel, Raspberry Endurance Fuel, and Chocolate Recovery Mix. I have listed the included electrolytes for each of the Endurance Fuels and Recovery Mixes I tested. It is up to you to talk to a nutritionist to find out if Tailwind Nutrition meets your electrolyte needs.   

Mandarin Endurance Fuel

Mandarin Endurance fuel is a delicious mix, not overly sweet, with a natural orange flavor.  It is recommended to be mixed with between 500 and 710ml of water to maintain an appropriate flavor but like Raspberry Endurance Fuel, it can be mixed to a higher ratio and still maintain good flavor. The most water I mixed it with was 900ml and it maintained a little mandarin flavor. Unlike Raspberry, Mandarin has no caffeine.

Total Fat 0 grams Total Carbs 50 grams
Cholesterol 0 grams Total Sugars 50 grams
Sodium 600mg Magnesium 6% rdi
Calcium 4% rdi Potassium 4% rdi


Raspberry Endurance Fuel

My favorite of the two flavors I tested is the Raspberry Endurance Fuel. Again, Tailwind suggests mixing the packet with 590 to 710 ml of water. The Raspberry is subtle and natural tasting. The added bonus of Raspberry is that it contains 70mg of caffeine which is almost the same as a full cup of coffee. Fortunately, there is no caffeine aftertaste but there is a slight energy bump which is great later in the day.  

Total Fat 0 grams Total Carbs 50 grams
Cholesterol 0 grams Total Sugars 50 grams
Sodium 600mg Magnesium 6% rdi
Calcium 4% rdi Potassium 4% rdi
Caffeine 70mg    


Chocolate Recovery Mix

The Chocolate Recovery Mix takes the good parts of the Endurance Fuel and adds 12 grams of Protein. Everything I have read suggests that Protein is very important to take soon after exercise. Tailwind Nutrition recommends you have Recovery Mix within an hour of your adventure. 

Like all sports drinks, the Chocolate Recovery Mix needs shaking to dilute. It needs shaking REALLY well. This is likely to the inclusion of protein. I find the flavor not unlike a Starbucks Mocha latte. Somewhat sweet, lightly chocolatey. 

Total Fat 3.5 grams Total Carbs 41 grams
Cholesterol 0 grams Total Sugars 36 grams
Sodium 420 grams Magnesium 4%
Calcium 2% rdi Potassium 10% rdi
Fiber  1 gram Protein 12 grams
Iron 6% rdi    


I really like the Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Mix. Its flavor isn’t overpowering when mixed with lower amounts of water, nor is it easily diluted with extra water.  I often start a trip with 700ml of water and mid-trip find a river or spring, refill the bottle, and still have enough flavor to enjoy the drink mix. 

The packets themselves are quite large. This has meant I pre-mix and do not carry extra packets on my journeys.  They range in weight from 62 to 67 grams and are slightly bulky. I definitely don’t want them bursting in my bag either. 

I have enjoyed the Endurance Fuels a lot. Sweet, but easily diluted. They contain an adequate amount of sodium to keep me going but not so much that it feels like I am drinking a diluted salt lick.

The Chocolate Recovery Mix is also good but on a hot summer day, I do not want a chocolate drink. I find fruit-flavored mixes go down easier in the heat and so I’d love to see a fruit-flavored recovery mix for the summer. 

Who is Tailwind Nutrition for?

Anyone looking for a delicious Electrolyte mix that doesn’t mess with your stomach, whether it is during or after exercise

Who is Tailwind Nutrition not for?  

Fans of overly sweet or sodium heavy electrolyte mixes.

If you are interested in picking up some Endurance Fuel or Recovery Mix, head on over to Tailwind Nutrition and pick some up.  

Black Sheep Adventure Sports was provided with free samples of Tailwind Nutrition. This in no way affected our opinion and review. For more Nutrition views, hit our Search button.