Superfeet Winter Comfort Insoles Review

Superfeet Winter Comfort Insoles: A Guide’s Review

If there is one thing ski boot companies ignore more than good liners, it’s insoles. Superfeet Winter Comfort insoles are here to keep your toes warm, your arches supported, and your heel nicely cradled. Happy feet make for happy skiers. Penguin not included. 


  • Material: EVOlyte and Aerolyte
  • Weight: 55 grams
  • Size Tested:
  • Country of Origin: China 

What are the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insoles?

The Superfeet Winter Comfort insoles are designed to provide extra support, wick moisture from your feet and provide all-day comfort thanks to their Thermal top lining, Aerolyte cushioning and EVOlyte Carbon Fiber heel support. 

Thermal + Moisturewick Layers

The Thermal layer of the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insole

The top of the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insoles features a Thermal Top Cover with Moisturewick. It keeps your feet warm thanks to a microsuede polyester top cover with a thicker pile height than regular Superfeet insoles and thus has inherent thermal properties. To be honest, I think it is going to take a lot more than the top of your insole to keep your feet warm at -20 Celsius. That does not mean that your liners should not feature a warmer material, as the Winter Comfort does, but do not expect it to work miracles. 

The top layer of the Superfeet Winter Comfort insoles also features Moisturewick. Moisturewick technology is the combination of the synthetic fabric’s ability to wick moisture and the anti-microbial treatment applied to the Superfeet Winter comfort insole.  I’ve not had any sweaty feet issues until l began ski touring in late April when the sun was blazing. I wear black boots so I’d say the cards were stacked against my feet being dry to begin with and this had nothing to do with the insoles as all winter long, even on warmer days, my feet stayed dry as long as there was no ingress of snow. 


Thermal Top, Aerolyte and EVOlyte profiles

The mid-layer of the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insoles is made of Aerolyte. This is Superfeet’s proprietary foam cushioning and does a good job of helping absorb vibrations most noticed while walking to and from the lifts on paved ground. It has molded to the shape of my toes over time with five small little indents but is still supportive. 

The two Aerolyte layers do result in the Winter Comfort Insole being a little on the thicker side. There is now a thin version should you have little wiggle room in your boots for a thicker insole. 

EVOlyte + the Heel Cup

The Heel Cup of the Winter Comfort Insoles is made of EVOlyte. This is a carbon fiber support that runs from the deep heel cup to just before the balls of your feet. This lightweight plate adds just enough stiffness to support the arch and also cradle the heel in the heel cup without adding a ton of weight. 

Under the heel cup is a H.I.T. Pod. This is Superfeet’s Heel Impact Technology which translates to, in layman’s terms, being a gel pad. I’m honestly not sure it is necessary on a winter insole. Perhaps if you exclusively ski-groomed runs it would be beneficial but as my winter life’s mission is to ride powder, I did not notice it. 


Superfeet Winter Comfort Insloles top and bottom
Top and Bottom view of the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insoles

Straight out of the box, the Winter Comfort Insoles slid into my Atomic Backlands without a problem. No trimming was necessary.  My feet felt right at home. Moderate arch support, not too high nor too low,  which I liked and the depth of the EVOlyte heel support did a great job of keeping my heel from sliding around. 

If you are looking for a warm winter insole, you’d be hard-pressed to find one as easy to use and as comfortable as the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insole. 

Who is the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insole for?

Skiers and boarders looking for a little extra arch support and heel hold 

Who is the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insole not for?  

Flat Footed skiers and boarders. 

If you are interested in picking up a set of  Winter Comfort Insoles head on over to Superfeet and pick a pair up.  Check out more reviews here: Black Sheep Adventure Sports

Black Sheep Adventure Sports was provided with a free sample of the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insoles. This in no way affected our opinion and review of the Superfeet Winter Comfort Insole.