2022 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and you aren’t sure what to get your loved ones. Sure, you could head to Chinatown into a small dark shop and pick up a Mogwai for everyone on your nice list but perhaps you should let Gizmo have this year off. The little fella is tired and well, Mogwai aren’t for everyone and tend to sink too far into the powder to help set the skin track. Read our Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide, keep the lights down, avoid snacks before midnight, and let everybody stay dry and happy on the skin track. 

The Art of Shralpinism by Jeremy Jones

The flakes are falling. You are inside with a nice cup of rum and eggnog by the fire. Make sure your loved ones have a chance for survival once the Gremlins smash through your front window by gifting them Jeremy Jones’ new book, the Art of Shralpinism. 

Shralpinism is filled with insights and lessons from Jeremy’s long and storied career in the backcountry. From how Jeremy reads terrain and snow, to the importance of mentors and life lessons, it is all there. So when a Gremlin smashes a tractor through your front door you’ll have the knowledge to deal with the great white outdoors on your escape. 

Head on over to Mountaineers Books to pick one up. 

Patagonia Long-Sleeved Capilene Cool Merino Shirt


Whether you are getting ready to head out on a date with Kate or head up the mountain, the right base layer is essential. Billy chose a plaid shirt as his base which definitely works for a date with Phoebe Kates but the Patagonia Capilene Cool Merino is a much better layer for snowboarding.  

The Patagonia Capilene cools is Made from a blend of 65% RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified merino wool and 35% recycled polyester. It’ll keep your warmth regulated, keep the funk down and avoid stretch and fast wear often associated with 100% merino shirts. 

Check out the Patagonia Long Sleeved Capilene Cool Merino.

Intuition Booties

Waterproof, warm, and orange. What more could you want?

The Smokeless Ashtray, Electric Hammer and the Bathroom Buddy. None of these make for good presents (sorry Randall) but the Intuition Bootie certainly is! 

The Intuition booties look so good we bet Pete Fontaine would pass on a Mogwai to have a pair. They have a Faux fur lining, Intuition Foam Insole, Rubber Grip Sole, and are Water Resistant. They also feature a adjustable lace toggle system for a personalized fit around the ankle. We bet Pete Fontaine would forgo a Mogwai this Christmas in favor of a pair of Intuition Booties to wear after shred or around the fire. 

Head to Intuition to nab a pair. 

Wolverine Snow Sticks

Sure, you can take out a Gremlin with a microwave, a blender, or even a baking sheet but these things aren’t going to help you get up a mountain AND fend off a Gremlin. That’s where the Wolverine Snow Sticks come in handy. 

The two-piece Snow Stick weighs just 251 grams, is adjustable from 92 to 140cm, has great serrated foam handles, and the oversized 100mm basket is available in ten colors! If you are the type of splitboarder to stash your poles on your pack then the three-piece Snow Stick has you covered with an even greater range of 67 cm to 137 cm.

Check out the Wolverine Snow Products Snow Sticks 


Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Splitboard Skins

You’ve answered the door to find there are some very unsavory looking Christmas Carolers at your door. We can’t take a stair lift chair to the second floor to get away from them nor can you take one to the top of the mountain to find your line. Having seen how that worked out for Mrs. Deagle, why would we?  Help the splitboarder in your life get to the top of the mountain with a little more ease by gifting them a set of Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Splitboard Skins. 

Their 70/30 Mohair mix provides an exceptional grip-to-glide ratio. At 216 grams per skin, they are light on your foot and in your pack. The skins can accommodate a plank width of up to 145 cm (who has a 290 width board?!?!) which means the skins will be wide enough for all boards. They come in three sizes 141-151, 150 – 160, and 158-168 so there is definitely the right size for you.  

Head to Ski Uphill and check them out. 

Avoid these Christmas Carolers at all costs.

Anon Sync Goggles

Gizmo rocks the Anon Sync to avoid Bright Lights

Don’t let bright lights get you down. Don’t let lowlights get you down, either! Anon’s Sync goggles protect your eyes from both as they come with two lenses. Don’t sweat the change over either as Anon’s M-Fusion combines the simplicity of fast lens alignment with a magnetic latch system that makes lens changes a snap. 

The Perceive lenses provide high-contrast optics to keep you moving forward with bright lights or flat lights. The triple face foam keeps them comfortable whether you ride with a helmet or toque. 

Think your day may end in the pool fighting Gremlins and worried about the humidity? Full perimeter vent channels maximize airflow to bring fresh air in and move hot air and moisture out for clear vision.

Check out the Anon Sync at Burton.

Your Truly testing out the Sync Goggles

32 Boots TM-2 Jones

You know you are going to need to head outside at some point. Whether it’s from the bank to Kate’s house or you just want to check on Mr. Futterman, you’re going to need to protect your feet. What better way to do that than with boots personally designed by the man that popularized Splitboarding, Jeremy Jones.

The TM-2 Jones has the fit and flex of the ever-popular TM-2 along with a new Power Strap Walk Mode collar that allows backward movement while upping. Let’s not forget that the TM-2 has the same Vibram outsole and molded toe cap that is featured on the TM-2’s bigger brother, the MTB. 

Head on over to 32 Boots and pick up a pair. 

Enfuse Shift Splitboard Bindings

Not everything new is great. We went from Gizmo to stripe and look where that got us? Then along comes the right kind of new, and we’re stoked. In this case, it’s the Enfuse Shift binding. 

We’ve spent over 25 days on our pair of Enfuse Shifts and can vouch for their Orbital locking system is a great and very simple way to attach your binders. These bindings are built to last, are deceivingly simple, and will be the crown jewel present under any Christmas tree. Don’t be afraid to shake these bindings in the Christmas wrapping, it’ll take way more than that to break these burly pieces of gear.

Another thing we like about these bindings is that they come with all the fixings right out of the box. There’s no need to pick anything else up. 

Head on over to Enfuse to pick up a pair. 

Is that it?

Nope, you can find a lot of other cool stuff in our 2021 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide!