A Guide’s Review of the Theragun Mini

A Guide’s Review of the Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini

The Theragun mini is the perfect size for a portable massage gun. Small, powerful, and long-lasting, it’s a great travel percussive therapeutic device and is a superb option for smaller users. 


  • Weight: 700 grams
  • Amplitude of Massage: 12mm
  • Speed: 1750, 2100, 2400 ppm
  • Stall Force: 20 lbs
  • Country of Origin: China

The Grand Ourse

The first time I came across a Theragun Mini was in Switzerland while guiding a Tour du Mont Blanc hiking trip. Our group had split into two and I was coming in late with the second group as we had gone over a higher pass. One of my guests was already saddled up to the bar, and with a “watch this” look on his face, went to the hotel proprietor’s wife who was getting his drinks from the bar. He lifted the Theragun Mini to her shoulders and began to “massage” her shoulders. I had immediate thoughts of me having to deal with a very angry waitress, and perhaps an assault case, but was in fact floored when her face melted in relaxation. She then recommended it to her husband and got in line immediately. After the reaction of those two, I knew I had to get in on the action and get a massage myself. My face mimicked the other two’s to a T. 

The Theragun Mini 

The Theragun Mini Controls

The little brother of the Theragun Prime, the Theragun Mini stands out thanks to its smaller, solid triangular shape and portability. By weight alone, it is 250 grams lighter than its bigger brother making it the easy choice for travel.  Combine that with its neoprene bag for protection and you’ve got a reasonably sized travel massage gun. 

The differences do not stop at size alone. As it is a smaller device, it does not massage as deeply. The Theragun Mini has an amplitude of 12mm.  This is not a bad thing, though. For smaller users, this is perhaps a better depth. My wife, for example, prefers the 12mm depth, especially when using it to massage her neck and shoulders. I found this to be ample on my shoulders and neck but wished for the Prime’s 16mm of amplitude when it came to my thighs. 

The Theragun Mini also fits smaller hands better. As you can see from the gallery below, my larger hand would have to hold past the optimal spot to get the Mini to sit in the palm of my hand. The mini fits my wife’s smaller hand perfectly.

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There are only 3 choices of speed as opposed to the Theragun Prime’s 5 speeds, 1750, 2100, and 2400 ppm. As I tend to use the slower speed 95% percent of the time, this has also not been of much concern.

For fans of the Therabody App, the Mini will be disappointing. There is no Bluetooth support or ability to adjust the Mini via the Bluetooth app. Regardless, you can still use the app for suggested routines for use with the Theragun Mini. 

A Bonus of the smaller device is not just its portability but also its quoted battery life of 150 minutes. I’ve not put the mini on and timed it until it runs out of juice but I’ve no reason to doubt it. I suspect the fast speeds will use the battery fast as will pushing harder. 

The Theragun Mini and it’s case

The Theragun Mini 2 is Coming!

A quick peruse of Therabody’s website show’s us that a version 2 of the Mini is on the way! It is slated to be 20% smaller and 30% lighter than the current version. This means that it will ring in at 560 grams! Though I did not mind the weight of the Mini, I certainly would not mind the weight loss in my baggage.

From what I can tell, the motor has not changed so the same 20-pound stall rate applies to the Mini 2 so maybe they’ve reduced the battery size a bit?

The lack of USB-C charging was my biggest gripe with the Mini. Well, good news! USB-C has now arrived with the Mini 2. Not only that but the Theragun Mini 2 will also feature Bluetooth and the ability to pair it with Therabody’s app.

The Mini 2 also comes with three attachments as opposed to the 1 that came with the Mini. Bonus!

At the time of this article’s release, The Theragun Mini was on sale, but at current prices, the Mini 2 would be the way I would go. 


The first time you massage your calves, it will hurt. It’s totally worth it.

The Theragun Mini has been a great travel companion and I have lent it to many guests. This has been the Theragun I take with me to Europe over the summer thanks to its smaller size. I’ve made a habit of hitting my legs the moment I am home and unpacked. Within minutes muscle soreness from the day has been removed though I do wish the Theragun Mini had a larger amplitude. 

I’ll continue to use the Theragun Mini as my road travel device as it is significantly more packable than the Pulse though I do wish it had a more protective case.

Now that Therabody is about to release a Mini 2 that is where I would place my purchase for a travel massage device. With the USB-C charging and three attachments, it is the clear winner for the small upcharge over the Mini 1 on sale. My only wish now, as with the Prime, is that it came with a sturdier case that can also hold those attachments. 

Pros: Easy to change attachments. Reliable and powerful motor.  

Cons: Low amplitude will not satisfy bigger users, Non-USB-C charging. 

If you are interested in checking out the Theragun Mini head on over to Therabody and check it out! 

Black Sheep Adventure sports was provided with a free Theragun Mini to test and review. This in no way affected our opinion and review of the hat.