A Guide’s Review of the G3 Pivot Trek Pole

A Guide’s review of the G3 Pivot Trek Poles

Taking the G3 Pivot Trek from France to Italy

G3 has taken their years of ski pole know-how and adapted it to make my favorite trekking poles of the last two years. The G3 Pivot Trek is a sturdy three-piece collapsible all-season trekking pole with a slick magnetic closure system that will satisfy all but the weight watchers of the hiking world. 


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 287g ( per short pole), 297g (per long pole)
  • Sizes Available: Short (105-125cm) and Long (115-135)

What are the G3 Pivot Trek Poles?

The G3 Pivot Trek Poles were first introduced as skiing poles sans the Trek name. Primarily aimed at splitboarders, the G3 Pivot Poles, thanks to their ease of adjustability and collapsibility made them a great hit with the splitboarding crowd. It also made them prime candidates to become trekking poles. So, G3 swapped out the winter basket for a much smaller and more appropriate summer basket, put the word Trek after Pivot and the G3 Pivot Trek pole was (re)born! 

Breaking down / Collapsing the G3 Pivot Trek Pole

There’s a lot to talk about with the Pivot Trek Poles so let’s break them down from the top. 

The Handle

The handle of the G3 Pivot Trek on a borderstone between Italy and France

G3 has perhaps the greatest pole handle in the pole business. It provides great support when palming the top of the handle, a sloped nose that’s hard enough to use as a tool to adjust bindings (obviously while boarding), and a comfortable extended grip so you do not have to repeatedly adjust the pole length for undulating terrain. 

Most importantly, the black foam handle does not rub off on your hands. When using other brands’ poles with black foam handles, my hands look like I’ve been working in a coal mine with Zoolander at the end of the day. Not so with the G3 Pivot Trek. This is a massive bonus of the Pivot Trek. 

The Strap

The strap is a standard affair in all ways but one. Easily adjusted with velcro but what I like most is that it is easily removable. The straps on the G3 Pivot Trek Poles attach via a clip. Push in the sides and pull back. The strap has now been removed. I never use straps, summer or winter, so I immediately removed mine with no cutting or finicky clips.

The Flick Lock

The G3 Pivot Trek Flicklock and pushbutton lock

The G3 Pivot Trek poles adjust very quickly with a single flick-lock per pole. Between Monte and I using these poles for nearly two summers each, we have not experienced one single slip. Tightening the flick-lock takes a simple turn of a Philips head screw in the event they loosen. The range of adjustability is from 105-125cm for the short poles and 115-135 for the long. I’ve used the long exclusively and mostly;y use them collapsed. On extended downhills, I will lengthen the poles to 125, which is far too long for me on the uphill, so that I do not need to reach low to get down large steps.

The Basket

Small and Magentic baskets of the G3 Pivot Trek

The baskets that are included with the Pivot Trek Poles pull double duty. Sure, it’s there to keep the poles from sinking in mud (what kind of mud are you hiking in, anyway?) but it also houses G3’s secret to keeping the poles together when collapsed… 


Typical “Z” style poles collapse and then, for lack of a better word, flop around like a flaccid hose. Most companies have tried to solve this with either velcro straps or with poorly clipping pole baskets to keep them together. Niether of these is the best as straps get lost and normal clipping pole baskets come undone. G3 has nearly solved this issue with magnets. 

After collapsing the poles, flip the bottom portion over the handle, laying the cable in the depression, and the two magnets that are hiding in the pole basket attach to a small ring just below the foam grip.  These keeps the poles closed so they can easily be placed on a pack or put into a duffel for travel. 

Closed and ready to be stowed away neatly

You can’t throw the poles around in this configuration but it does an adequate job of keeping things tidy while these poles are attached to the side of your backpack. This is something not true of other brands of 3-piece collapsible poles. 

Just the Tip

Carbide Tip. It works just like every other carbide tip on the market. Sticks into dirt really well and slides on rock if you aren’t careful, just like every other carbide tip on the market. Mine shows no wear after two full summers of guiding. 

Overview of the G3 Pivot Trek Poles

The difference 20cm makes

The Pivot Trek Poles have been a great companion for the past two summers. I’ve beaten them up on the Tour du Mont Blanc more than five times and taken them around the Bernese Oberland just as many. They don’t look new anymore but work just as well as the day I pulled them out of the package. 

They are not the lightest poles on the market, for that, you’ll have to look into carbon fiber poles which often don’t adjust. If you don’t mind a slight weight exchange for durability I can’t think of a much better pole on the market. 

Pros: Skookum Construction. Interesting Magnetic clip that works most of the time. Great length choice. A good pole for someone who wants collapsible poles for the summer and winter. 

Cons: Could be a little lighter. Let’s get a Carbon Fiber Version!

If you are interested in checking out the G3 Pivot Trek Poles then head on over to G3’s website, and check them out! Looking for more G3 Reviews, smash the search button!

Black Sheep Adventure sports were provided with free samples of the Pivot Trek Pole. This in no way affected our opinion and review.