Review: Ashbury Hornet goggles

The Ashbury Hornet Goggles

Review: Ashbury Hornet Goggles

Goggle technology has exploded in recent years; Cylindrical, toric, and spherical lenses, heads up displays, and motorized fans to reduce fog to name a few. Some of these goggles even push past the 400 dollar range. Not everyone can afford, or even want, a pair of goggles at that price. The Ashbury Hornet goggles offer modern magnetic tech, two great cylindrical lenses on a mid-wide frame at a great price. We’ve worn them in all kinds of weather and scenarios and found them to be a great addition to our guiding gear.


  • Lenses Included: 2, Blue Mirror and Yellow
  • Size: Mid height, Large width
  • Magnets: Yes, 8
  • Frame Material: TPU 
  • Country of Origin: China

Who is Ashbury?

Ashbury started in Los Angeles back in 2007 with the goal of creating top-quality optics at a reasonable price. Since then, Ashbury has relocated to Squamish, BC, but their focus on top-quality optics hasn’t moved.

What are the Ashbury Hornet Goggles?

The Ashbury Hornet is a ski and snowboard goggle designed to be used in all conditions.  It is the fastest lens change on the mountain thanks to the 8 magnets that hold the lens in place. Each goggle comes with two cylindrical lenses, one for bright light and one for low light. The Hornet is a wide goggle with a medium-height lens that is intended to fit most faces. The frame is made of TPU and has dual-density face foam and great optics.

The top vent TPU cover is built to last

The Ashbury Hornet Frame

The Ashbury hornet is made with a TPU frame. TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane, is a lightweight and durable blend of plastic and rubber. It makes for a great material to create goggle frames. The frames of the Ashbury Hornet are flexible when squeezed top to bottom, but somewhat rigid when squeezed from side to side. This is thanks to the top vent cover. 

Most goggles have foam on the top of their frames to allow airflow to keep from fogging. This is often the weak point of goggles, Any time you lift goggles onto your head or pull them back down, you likely squeeze the thin foam and risk tearing it. Ashbury has taken a different approach. On top of that foam is a large perforated TPU vent. It allows airflow to keep fogging at bay while protecting the foam from getting torn and keeping errant flakes at bay.  

Between the frame and your face, there are two layers of hypoallergenic foam. On top of those is a micro-fleece to add some extra next to skin softness. The trio is plush and keeps any gaps from opening up.  

For more on TPU head on over to:  

The Ashbury Hornet Lenses

The Ashbury Hornet with Yellow lens in the Weather it was meant for

All models of the Ashbury Hornets come with two lenses, one for sunnier days and another for overcast days. The pair I tested come with a mirrored blue lens and a yellow lens. All Hornet Lenses feature 100% UV protection. Both lenses have an anti-scratch treatment. The only time I managed to scratch the goggles was when I forgot they were on my head and, well, head-butted my tailgate. Sometimes I forget how tall I am ( I know, I;ve had a while to get used to it, don’t mock me). These goggles were not designed to take the impact of a Forester tailgate so I do not fault them for this. 

The Mirrored blue lens has a VLT of 18 percent. It is intended for partly sunny to extremely bright & reflective days. I’ve used this lens for 50% of the time I have been on snow. It is a great lens and optically clear. As is suggested, it does very well on mostly sunny and bluebird days. 

For overcast days, you’ll want to use the yellow lens. It has a light transmission of 54% and is intended for snowy, foggy, and flat light days. Admittedly, I had not used a yellow lens in a long time. I have used the yellow lens more than I expected. It really does a good job helping contrast on flat light days.


The Ashbury Hornet Lenses attach to the frame with 8 magnets. They are evenly distributed along the edges of the frame and the lens attaches with a good solid thud. I have only ever once accidentally pulled the lens off when trying to pull the goggles down from my helmet when it was -28, and I was wearing heavy-duty mittens. 

The advantage of the lens magnets is the fastest lens changes possible. Grab the lens with one hand, the frame with the other, and pull. The lens pulls off easily and the next will clip into place. This works well if you need to change lenses thanks to a change in light or if you somehow have managed to fog these goggles. Simply pull the lens off, wave it in the air a few times or dab it with the included goggle cloth, and put it back on.

Four of the Eight Magnets on the Ashbury Hornet goggles

How do the Ashbury Hornet Goggles Fit?

The Ashbury Hornet Goggles are really comfortable thanks to the dual density foam. The goggles are firm but not hard. Due to the depth of the foam, the goggles work well with folks with high and low nose bridges. The strap on the Ashbury Hornet is 4.5cm tall. It provides a comfortable distribution when wearing the goggles with a beanie. Thanks to its long strap and dual adjusters on the back the goggles fit onto a helmet really well. I do wish they had a silicone lining on the inside of the strap to keep the goggles from falling off the back of the helmet. 

The Ashbury Hornet Goggles fit well with visored and non-visored helmets alike


The Ashbury Hornet Goggles are a great addition to my snowboard gear. The Blue Mirror lens works really well on mostly sunny and bluebird days. The yellow lens was a surprisingly good addition that I thought I would not use much but used a lot. No surprise there I suppose, I live in Squamish. 

On the rare occasion, I could see a little fog forming on the bottom left of the lens. I’m a regular rider so perhaps the leading edge is the reason. Thanks to being able to quickly pop off the lens I could wave the lens around and get rid of the fog really fast.

The top of the frame fits the Bern Watts 2.0 helmet I have been using really well. It also matches the Smith Vantage just as well.  A few times I lost the goggles off the top of my helmet when lifting them because there is no silicone on the inside of the strap. If you do not wear a helmet this will not be a problem. 

If you are looking for a good goggle with two lenses that are super simple to change I suggest you give the Ashbury Hornet Goggles a look.

Pros: Super fast and easy lens swaps with a durable frame. The Lowkey logo is nice. 

Cons: I’d love silicone on the inside of the strap

If you are interested in checking out the Ashbury Hornet Goggles head on over to Ashbury and check them out.