2021 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

2021 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

You’ve just hopped on a flight to Los Angeles to partake in your ex’s Christmas party before the winter storms hit when you realize you don’t have any Christmas presents for the snowboarders in your life. What are you gonna do? Taking over the Nakatomi Plaza isn’t going to get you anywhere John, but this Gift Guide for snowboarders will certainly help you. Our 2021 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide is perfect for the Die Hard snowboarders on your Christmas list. 

John McClane, searching hard for the best Xmas Presents

A Good Christmas Movie

How could we have prevented Hans Gruber and his thugs from taking over Nakatomi plaza? By heading back in time and nabbing him some better snowboard movies, that’s how! Had Hans watched some better snowboard movies he would have thrown on a toque, laced up some boots, and gone snowboarding instead of causing such a ruckus. So, pour the future Hans Gruber in your life a Rum and Egg Nog and pull up in front of the screen for a showing of The Resistance. Produced by Whitey McConnaughy and his Kingpin Productions, The Resistance is one of THE best snowboard flicks to come out of the 90’s and is well worth the admission price. Head on over to Vimeo and get ready for more than a few, Yippy Ki Yay’s!

 The Revival


Walkin’ on Broken Glass

John McClane had to walk on broken glass to save the day. He needed to take care of his feet in order to keep shredding over the holidays and what better way to help your fellow rider do the same than to give them a brand new pair of Lorpen socks. They come in all sorts of styles but the two we’re looking forward to testing the most are the Ski Warm Active and Ski Superlight.  Straight out of Italy, the Ski Superlight is made with Merino and Primaloft to keep your feet cosy, warm and not too sweaty. Got cold dogs? The Lorpen Ski Warm Active are made with Polartec for extra warmth for when the mercury takes a deep dive. 



Lorpen Ski Socks for Christmas

Attention Getter

Setting off the fire alarms won’t get you the attention you want, no matter how much smoke burning your wax creates. Sure, it may seem like everyone is looking your way but you’re just standing between them and the donut shop. What you need is the Beaver Wax Iron. With an adjustable temperature range of 60 to 190 celsius, you are sure to hit the right temperature for waxing your stick. Combine the Beaver Wax Waxing Iron with some of Beaver Wax’s legendary scented wax and you’ll get all the attention you want from blasting past people on the track out. 

Beaver Wax Waxing Iron

Beaver Wax Waxing Iron ready for Xmas Dinner

Keep in Touch: Spot Gen 4

Sure, John McClane was able to reach Argyle by phone but he wasn’t able to call back because Hans promptly cut the phone lines. John McClane was eventually able to radio Sgt. Powell for some back-up but that came pretty late. In the backcountry, there is no time to wait in an emergency. For times like these, you’ll want a personal locator beacon like the Spot Gen 4. We’ve been using this device for nearly a year and found it to be a lightweight companion that we do not leave the home without. If the snowboarder in your life is frequently heading into the signal-less backcountry, consider picking up one of these for Christmas. 

Spot Gen-4

The Spot Gen-4, a perfect stocking stuffer

Protect your Eyes

There’s a lot going on in Die Hard, machine guns, chainsaws, welding torches, and more. It’s surprising Hans Gruber’s men didn’t blind themselves.  Don’t encourage your favorite snowboarder to be reckless like Gruber’s men and pick up a pair of Ashbury Hornets.  They come in four different colors and lens tints. Their Magnetic Lensespop off and on in a second and shield 100% of UV Rays. There’s also a backup yellow lens for those super foggy days. They also look more stylish than Argyl driving a Limousine. 

 Ashbury Hornet

Lookin’ Sharp for Christmas

Carry it All

Hans Gruber’s thugs had a lot of gear to carry. Rocket launchers, chain saws, AK-47’s and eventually a lot of Bearer Bonds. Where were they planning to put it all?  Only Theo (the tech guy) had a bag, and it was way too small for all that gear. Splitboarding doesn’t require all that gear (at least not rocket launchers) but it isn’t a lightweight sport either. You can fit all the backcountry gear you’ll ever need in the Ortovox Haute Route 40 pack. It’s got a vertical board carry, a massive 40L capacity with top and back access, side carry for when your board is split, and an included helmet net. What more could you ask for?

Ortovox Haute Route 40

Santa’s favorite Backcountry Sack


Sure, a shoulder rub is nice after a long day fighting terrorists or shredding the gnar but just because you’ve got a towel over your shoulders doesn’t mean your good to go for tomorrow. This season we’ll be putting Therabody Prime to work to help keep us limber and ready for big days in the mountains. It features QuietForce Technology QX65 which is a motor that is quieter than most electric toothbrushes. Couple that with 40 pulses per second and enough battery to last 120 minutes and you’ll be able to share the goods with your whole crew. If that isn’t enough, the Pulse can connect to your phone via bluetooth and the Therbody app for customization and suggested routines to be used with the four different attachments.

Theragun Prime

Therabody Theragun Prime, self care under the Christmas Tree

Get Up, Get out and Get Something!

Is the snowboarder on your Christmas list new to the sport? Into experiences rather than material things? Why not book an Intro to Splitboarding course for them! We start off at the basics and work our all the way up, from putting on skins, transitions, kick turns, and more! If you do not see the date you are looking for, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll get something going just for you!

Intro to Splitboarding

Looking for other ideas? Why not read our 2020 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gear Guide from last year! Merry Christmas and Happy Trails, Hans!