Review: Rab Pulse SS Tee

Review: Rab Pulse Ss Tee

We got to test the Rab Pulse Ss Tee in a variety of conditions this summer. Mountain biking, trail running, hiking, and in the Alpine. It was a good companion on all these missions and proved to be a lightweight sun-proof T-shirt perfectly designed for multi-day trips in the mountains.  

Rab Pulse Ss Tee in Zermatt
Wearing the Pulse Ss Tee in Zermatt


  • Size and Color Tested: XL, Ink. L in Silverpine
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 78 grams
  • Country of Origin: China

What is the Rab Pulse SS Tee?

Rab designed the Pulse Ss Tee to be a lightweight and fast-drying T-Shirt for all mountain activities. It offers sun protection thanks to an SPF coating of 30+ and can be worn for several days in the mountains without getting too funky thanks to the Polygiene coating. If you are looking for a long sleeve version, Rab has you covered there, too. Check out the Rab Pulse Hoody

Rab Pulse Ss Tee Stretch
Checking out the Stretch in Zermatt

What is the Rab Pulse SS Tee made of?

The Pulse Ss Tee is made with a lightweight proprietary fabric called Motiv. Motiv is an incredibly lightweight polyester that is knitted into a visible grid.  Motiv essentially has holes in it, allowing for breathability while still maintaining an SPF of 30. When you hold the shirt up to the sun, you can literally see through it.

The Motiv Fabric is very Airy

Polyester fibers do not naturally have the same anti-odor qualities that Merino does. Knowing that users of the Pulse Ss Tee will likely be spending more than a couple of days in their shirt between washes Rab treated it with Polygiene. Polygiene is a permanent anti-odor treatment that uses silver salt, a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent that keeps odors at bay. On longer backcountry trips we definitely worn the Tee longer than we should’ve and didn’t noticed any excessive odors… and no one complained.

Microactive low bulk seams hold together the Pulse SS Tee. Microactive seams are a stitch that reduces the bulk but also allows the fabric to stretch. They look like soft thin ribs running along every seam. 

Microactive Low Bulk Seams on the Rab Pulse Ss Tee

How does it wear?

The Rab Pulse SS Tee fits exactly how you would want a sport-oriented T-Shirt to fit. A snug neckline, mid-bicep length arms that cover just enough without getting in the way, and a length that falls below the waist to provide enough coverage so it doesn’t ride up on movements that require you the bend at the waist. 

Thanks to the Motiv fabric, the Pulse Ss Tee sits really well on the shoulders and feels nearly weightless.  At times it feels as though you are wearing nothing, at least until you get sweaty enough to give the shirt some weight. 

The seams are an integral part of the look of this shirt. They stand somewhat proud of the main Motiv fabric but go totally noticed.

The Rab Pulse Ss Tee from behind


We were really happy with the Rab Pulse Ss Tee. Its lightweight went unnoticed on our shoulders and in our bags when we carried it as a backup.  Not once did it feel too hot while being worn, from either not breathing well or direct sun exposure. It’s proven to be such a good companion that our own Monte Johnston wears his to the gym in the off-season. I’ve heard he washes it more that he’s in town now. 

Pros: Super lightweight and airy

Cons: A little fragile

If you are interested in checking out the Rab Pulse SS Tee, head on over Rab and pick one up. If you are interested in reading about more Rab gear, head over here:

Black Sheep Adventure sports was provided with free samples of the Rab Pulse Ss Tee. This in no way affected our opinion and review of the hat.