2020 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide

You’ve driven out to the farm and come home with the perfect Christmas Tree. The tinsel is up, the lights are lit and you’ve even managed to get that damned squirrel out but there’s still one problem. You have no idea what to put underneath. Don’t stress, BlackSheep has you and the Griswold’s covered with our 2020 Snowboarder’s Christmas Gift Guide. Filled with amazing gear for under the Tree or in the stocking for anyone that’s into snowboarding or splitboarding. 

Burton’s One World

Don’t Wax nostalgic like Clark in the attic, it’s Christmas. Share with your sideways sliding family and bust out some snow porn. Clark may have dreamt about red bathing suit clad women but we know what everyone really wants: Burton’s One World! This movie claims to have 92,864 Steps, 999 ideas, 457 Kilohertz, 113 Pillows, 76 Slashes, 72 days, 39 riders, and 21 stitches. That’s a lot of send. It also features Squamish locals Aaron Leyland behind the lens and Sea to Sky legends Mikey Rencz and Mark Sollors on their boards. It’s already won best cinematography and movie of the year at the IF3 awards so you know it’s good. 

Watch the trailer then head on over to Burton to nab the movie: One World

Beaver Wax

Beaver Wax for Christmas

Clark Griswold’s new non-caloric silicon based kitchen lubricant has got nothing on Beaver Wax. Hand poured in Squamish, this wax will will have you setting new land speed records that you didn’t even know existed. In their words, Beaver Wax is “an innovative wax containing environmentally friendly additives and the unique hand poured manufacturing process that is done in small amounts, ensures that each bar of wax stays consistent with the right amount of additives.”

If you’re new to waxing your own board or unsure where you’ll be riding, have a look at the Wintermint Scented All Temperature wax. Want to be prepared for all those temperature swings? Then hit up the Mixed temp pack. Really want to leave flames in the snow? Then you need to get the birthday cake scented Damfast Wax. 

We recommend hot waxing your board. Although these waxes can be used as a rub on, nothing beats a hot wax. Is your gift recipient lacking the iron and scraper? Beaver Wax has you covered there, too. Head on over to their website for your scented wax fix: Beaver Wax

Hercules Hooks

Hercules Hooks feeling festive

There were some smooth turns and there were some rough turns. The cat burning down the Christmas tree would have ruined anyone’s Christmas but then that Eggnog smoothed things out. It was a rough Christmas for the Griswold family but really, how did they keep it all together? Hercules Hooks. 

These simple hooks will hold your board together like Clark at the dinner table. You’ll still know your Turkey is dry but you won’t know you are riding a splitboard, the connection is that solid.

At 45 grams, the Hercules Hooks add next to nothing in weight, but their simple adjust-ability and added stiffness provide tons of performance and confidence in your gear. Read our review here: Hercules Hooks Review and then head on over to Phantom Snow Industries to get the Rusty or Audrey in your life some Hercules Hooks. You’ll be in their good books alll winter long if ya do: Phantom Snow

G3 Pivot Poles

The G3 Pivot Poles Make a very long, but exceptionally worthy stocking stuffer

You wouldn’t use a rickety old ladder to hang your Christmas lights so why would you use rickety old poles to go touring?  Vancouver based G3, also known as Genuine Guide Gear, has been making the best ski poles in the business for a while now and this year’s offerings are no exception.

All G3 poles come with my favorite part, the Traverse grip. It is THE way to go with poles. It’s super durable, has a removable strap and the Quickflick Utility Tab (aka the hook on the handle) is perfect for flipping your heel risers.

I don’t put my poles in my pack, choosing to ride with both poles in my back hand. My go to is the G3 Fixie. They are a fixed length (hence the name) pole made out of super durable aluminum with G3’s awesome Traverse Grip. These poles have everything you need and nothing you don’t. They come in bright orange only, which is the only color I need! Looking for something lighter, hit up the Carbon Fixie.

If you are a fan of packing up your poles and putting them on your pack for the descent, head on over and get yourself a pair of G3’s new Pivot Poles. They have the cleanest assembly while packed I have ever seen. No slopping around as the cable fits over the handle then holds them together. They also have the Traverse Grip but now with a softer extended foam handle.

Head on over to G3 and get a grip, literally: G3 Poles

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

ZOLEO communicator at Xmas

The whole family is coming over for Xmas dinner and you didn’t know? You launched the Subaru off a snow embankment while out of cell range and now you’re going to be late to dinner?

Don’t sweat it, you’ve got the ZOLEO satellite communicator with you. With the companion ZOLEO App on your phone you can text over 950 characters to your favorite Griswold family member. It’s built to last any National Lampoon disaster with Military specs of MIL-STD 810G for vibration and IP68 certified to be dust and water resistant to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) for 30 min. If your ZOLEO satellite communicator falls in the Eggnog bowl you’ll have no problem. Don’t forget it’ll also give you weather forecasts.

Read our review of the ZOLEO satellite Communicator on Black Sheep then head on over to ZOLEO to pick one up for your loved one. ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

Mammut Barryvox

Mammut Barryvox

A Rottweiler might keep you safe inside your mobile home but it’s not going to be any use on your way to Mt. Fissile.

The Mammut Barryvox is one of the best transceivers on the market and an amazing update to the Mammut Element transceiver. It has a single mark button, a great mark function, it’s display is back-lit and viewable with polarized sunglasses. Signal Pick-up has even been boosted to 70m!

Mammut continues to support their devices for a long time so you know this is a good long term investment. All new Barryvox devices come pre-loaded with Barryheart 3.4 which optimizes battery recognition and support for high voltage-output alkaline batteries, provides a more stable w-link connection to the service tools and gives a performance boost: Improved signal separation in complex search scenarios with lengthy signal-overlaps or transmitters with continuous-carrier signals BarryHeart 3.2. If you tour with friends who bought the Barryvox last year, then this is also a present for them as Barryvox devices can update device to device!

Head on over to Mammut to find out more: Mammut Barryvox

Arc’teryx Sabre Pants

A Christmas Miracle or a Christmas Sabre

Trying to compete with Uncle Eddie’s sweet baby blue leisure suite? There’s only one way you’ve got a chance, the Arcteryx Sabre AR Pants.

The Sabre AR Pant

We’re big fans of the Sabre AR Pants. Their simple design has everything you need in a ski touring pant. A roomy fit with two giant pockets for all you could need. Thanks to Gore-Tex 3L fabric it’s nearly a guarantee you won’t be getting wet. Did we mention it’s also made with 3L lo-loft soft shell construction which means they are lightly insulated and soft on the skin (if you don’t wear long johns) and will help keep you warm on the lift.

While out touring the burly Keprotec kick patches on the inside of the pant cuff will keep your edges from shredding your instep. Once strapped in, Arcteryx has taken into account us snowboarders with their PowderCuffs which are high enough to easily fit under binding high backs.

The AR stands for all round, so along with freeriding, hitting the resort and touring they’ll surely look good at Christmas dinner. Check them out at Arcteryx: Arcteryx Sabre Pants

KNWN Splitboard

It may be coal colored, but only good snowboarder’s will get one of these under the tree

You thought Clark’s saucer was the best way to shred? You’ve obviously never ridden a KNWN splitboard.

Local legend and board builder Jason Broz has been building boards for over 23 years. That kind of expertise can be felt the moment you step onto a KNWN snowboard.

KWNW snowboards are made in Squamish with Canadian Aspen wood cores, PUR Urethane Sidewalls and multi-layer Vibration Dampening.  It’s up to you whether you want a carbon or non-carbon version. The 7200 series Die-Cut base lubed up with some Beaver Wax (of course, they have a collab wax!) won’t just help you give Clark a run for his money, you’ll leave him in the dust. 

Our favorite at BlackSheep is the Forecast Split. It’s a powder riding ace with it’s large shovel nose, long effective edge and short swallow tail. A 26.4cm wide waist helps float but doesn’t hinder touring ability with too wide of a ski and allows you to fit most normal crampons. The sweet spot of this board is really it’s perfect camber. Easy enough to engage while carving with plenty of pop when it’s time to olly. Head on over to the KNWN MFG website to learn more: KNWN MFG

AST-1+ for Splitboarders

Join our AST-1+ course and learn about the Avaluator

The gift that keeps on giving, much like a copy of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Laser Disc, our AST-1+ for Splitboarders is a must for the new backcountry enthusiast on your Gift List.

Our 2.5 day course covers the basics of splitboarding as well as focus on interpreting the forecast as well as the Avalanche Canada public bulletin, assessing avalanche hazard and translating that into terrain recognition while out in the field, and using transceivers and conducting partner rescue.

In addition to the AST 1 curriculum we will also spend time learning the ins and outs of modern splitboarding equipment, various uphill travel techniques  as well as the art of the change over!

Head on over to our AST page and we look forward to seeing you on the snow!


If there isn’t something on our Christmas Gift Guide for your favorite Snowboarder, then I hope that Christmas bonus comes in because you are either buying a pool or a snowmobile, and I am not qualified to write about either of those Christmas lists!

All joking aside, it is a special time of year, the flakes are flying and we are all getting stoked to get back on snow after having our 8 month off season. We totally understand the stoke! The Black Sheep hope everyone takes it easy at the beginning of the season, refreshing their necessary skills early and often and staying safe both on and off the hill.

Happy Holidays everyone!