Review: Bliz Fusion Sunglasses

Wearing the Bliz Fusion Sunglasses on an Alpine Hike

Swedish brand Bliz took a cue from it’s heritage of nordic skiing and created the Bliz Fusion Sunglasses, a great pair of shades that not only work for Nordic Skiing but also mountain biking, ski touring and just about any other sport you can think of. The popularity of similar aggressive sport glasses has taken off in recent years. These high brow, broad lensed glasses do a great job of blocking wind, protecting your eyes and making you look darned stylish. Read on to find out what we think of the Bliz Fusion sunglasses.

Who is Bliz

Bliz is a relative newcomer to the North American audience. It’s the active sportswear line of Swedish eyewear group, Future Eyewear. Bliz has been making glasses since 2007. By their own words, they combine their Nordic Heritage with the simplicity of Swedish Design. 

Specs & Features:

  • 100% UVA and UVB Proof
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Grilamid TR90
  • Rubber Wire Core on Arms
  • Adjustable Nose Pad
  • Weight 34g

Bliz Fusion Sunglasses

The Bliz Fusion Sunglasses are a multi-sport single lens sunglass. They’re characterized by their giant stand-out lens and contrast between the main frame of the glasses and the lower section, called the Jawbone.

The frame of the Fusion is made of Grilamid TR90.  Grilamid is a high performance polymer that provides low weight and high flexibility. Grilamid is a very tough material. So tough in fact that it’s used in a lot of ski boots. You know if it’s tough enough to be bashed around on your feet, it’s tough enough for glasses. 

The Adjustability of the Arms

The arms of the glasses have adjustable temple tips in their rubber wire core. Simply grab the rubberized part of the arms on the glasses and bend them to your will. They hold great and will not bend out of the way, unless you want them to. 

The Lens

The lens on the Bliz Fusion Sunglasses is 100% UV and UVB proof. They are made of what Bliz calls an unbreakable X-PC. This is a polycarbonate that is 10 times more impact resistant than glass or plastic and much lighter, making it a great choice for active sports. Blitz also states that they’re anti-scratch. However, as polycarbonate is a fairly soft material the anti-scratch protection will be coating based and will need to be babied a bit. The coating also makes the lenses hydrophobic in what Bliz refers to as their Hydro Lens System. 

The Bliz Fusion without Jawbone

Bliz offers the lenses in a wide range of tints and filter categories. The lenses I’ve been using are the Smoke with Silver Mirror and a filter category of 3. In Bliz’s words this lens is best in strong sunlight. They are a dark tinted lens with a luminous transmittance between 8 and 18 percent. For more info on Bliz’s filter categories head here:

At the top of the lens are two vents to allow airflow. These glasses sit close to your face and when you are working hard and take a break, your breath will fog them up. It happens to all sports glasses of this type. The vents at the top help them stay clear. 


The Bliz Fusion with different Jawbones and Nosepad

The Fusion comes with what Bliz has called the Jawbone. The Jawbone is a removable part of the frame that wraps around the lower part of the lens. The nosepad is attached to the Jawbone.  Each pair of Fusion glasses comes with an extra contrasting color Jawbone. Mine came with a black spare jawbone which I’ve left on since I got the glasses.

There is a third option with the Bliz Fusion glasses. A nosepad that has just the bare essential connection and removes the Jawbone altogether. This lightens the glasses more and removes the possibility of the Jawbone from blocking downward vision. I’ve never found my vision blocked so kept the Jawbone on as I mentioned. 

The Adjustable Friction Rubber Nosepad included on the Jawbone and small nose piece needs no real explanation. Push inwards and the nosepad stays tight. Pull ‘em apart for a bigger nose and you are good to go.


I’ve been using the Bliz Fusion Sunglasses mountain biking and hiking for the past six weeks.  They fit great fit and on the roughest trail they don’t slide down my nose at all. They also don’t bounce while on rough biking terrain. I typically use a glasses strap only when I have to because nothings most frightening than watching your glasses plummet towards earth to either shatter or get a massive gouge. I haven’t even thought about putting a strap on the Fusion. 

The Fusion sunglasses do a great job of blocking wind and keeping mud out of my eyes. Slight amounts of wind do come in on the sides though in reality, the only way I would have less wind on my eyes is by wearing goggles.  

I’ve worn them for about six hours at a time and they’ve proven to be quite comfortable. If they are too tight, just adjust the rubber wired arms. As an added bonus, I’ve also received a few compliments on them when around town!

I have the Silver Mirror Lens which is a category 3 lens. It does really well in the sun, but on some of the darker and more shaded trails in the forest they’re a little too dark. I’m looking forward to getting these glasses out on the skin track soon, though I wish there was a polarized option.  

Overall these are a great pair of sports glasses that are hard to beat at their price.

Pros: Unobstructed View, great hold, lots of lens choices, customizable

Cons: No Polarized Option

Head on over to Bliz to check them out:

Black Sheep Adventure Sports was supplied with a sample of Bliz Fusion Sunglasses but this didn’t influence our review in any way.