Review: Patagonia Duckbill Cap

There’s always that one piece of gear that you don’t expect to make a huge difference, but then it does. The Patagonia Duckbill Cap is just that piece of gear. I used to hate wearing hats on the trail but the Duckbill Cap changed all that. It’s light, airy, blocks the sun and looks good to boot. It’s the best hiking hat I have found. 

What is it?

Our Duckbill Collection

It’s a cap, plain and simple. It was designed for the running crowd but don’t let that stop you from wearing it all over town, under your climbing helmet or while ski touring. One suggestion, if you are wearing it while spring ski touring, make sure you have a helmet on top for the downhill. Once you pick up speed on the descent the wind will grab a hold of the brim and take the hat right off the top of your head. I think it’s because the wind is jealous and wishes it could wear one, too.

It is made of 100% Nylon, sourced from the Patagonia Baggies Shorts line. So, you can finally wear shorts on your head and not look like a kook.  There is a sweat wicking internal headband made from our 100% recycled Capilene Cool Trail fabric. 

The Tricot Mesh and adjustable band of the Duckbill Cap

Patagonia claims this hat fits up to a 61cm head size. I normally can’t fit hats under 62cm but thanks to the rounded shape of the brim and the adjustable back, I don’t even have red marks on my forehead at the end of the day. The brim is black on the underside to prevent any glare coming from a reflection on the hat. 

The top of the hat is made from tricot mesh. It is exceptionally airy and light and serves its purpose well. The color choices for this five panel hat are pretty good, until you consider the mesh. Your color choice is a shade, white. That’s it. The only question I have is do bald folk get a sunburn through the open mesh?

What Makes it so Good?

Even Swiss Goats approve of Duckbill selfies

It’s super comfortable. The Tricot mesh headband is incredibly supple, absorbs sweat well and seems like it will last forever. My hat is now onto its third season. The color has faded, the logo has mostly peeled off but the hat functions like the day I bought it. 

It’s light. Incredibly light. 43grams. You won’t even know this hat is on your head other than the lack of sunburn and glare.

An added benefit for those on the go is this hats packability. Patagonia says it can be foldable and stuffable. I’d say its crushable. No matter how hard I’ve packed this hat in a travel bag, backpack or pocket, I could not damage it. Smooth out the brim a little and it’s as good as new. 


Pros: It can be washed, crushed, worn and abused and it still looks good and blocks the sun

Cons: None

Find it here: Patagonia

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