Review: Arc’teryx Oriel Leggings

Arc'teryx Climbing Tights
Arc’teryx Oriel Climbing Tights

I call the new Arc’teryx Oriel leggings my magical sending tights. Obviously, I can’t claim that wearing them will make you a better climber but, personally, I find that I climb more confidently in them. Maybe it’s because they move so well that they don’t distract from the climbing. I enjoy just about every feature – from the generous pocket that fits an iPhone Plus to the indestructible fabric and threads that keep them looking new even after grovelling up sandstone offwidths. With just two small changes they’d perfect, well in my opinion anyway. One, better color choices (read: brighter, more fun). Two, either a capri or full-length option instead of the half-way in between cut.


  • Fabric: 220g/m2 stretch nylon interlock (71% nylon, 29% elastane)
  • Weight: 155g (Small)
  • Colors:
    • Black
    • Labyrinth (dark green)
    • Whiskey Jack (grey)


Oriel Leggings
Large pocket even fits a huge phone

POCKETS:  The Oriel tights feature a large pocket on the outside of each thigh. Large enough to stretch around a giant smartphone they spring back into shape after carrying said phone all day to sit flush against the leg again.

FABRIC:  Fabric and stitching resists abrasion to maintain a like-new look. After 6 months of testing, on Squamish granite and even Indian Creek offwidths, they continue to appear as they did out of the package. The inclusion of black lycra allows the tights to stretch without any show-through.

FIT & FEEL: The Oriel tights feel great to wear and move with you making them very comfortable. The wide wasteband stays up no matter how far you bend over, as if by magic.

DURABILITY: It’s possible that they might outlive the climber.



  • Ridiculously durable: after months of serious abuse they’re still in great shape
  • Very comfortable: move and fit extremely well
  • Pocket actually fits my huge i-phone plus


  • I’d prefer much brighter colors or an obnoxious pattern as an option. Why must outdoor clothing look so drab?
  • Are they meant to be flood pants?? The above-the ankle length looks awkward and doesn’t protect ankles from abrasion and sun-burn. I’d prefer either a Capri or full-length tight (or both options… in a bright color).

Overall:  Like I said in the intro, they’re my magic sending tights. The best tights I’ve ever owned! Of course they’re not perfect but I’d still replace all my other tights with the Arc’teryx Oriel Leggings if only they had a few fun colors options.

Author Bio: Bonnie McIntyre

Bonnie McIntyreOriginally from Ontario, Bonnie McIntyre now lives in Squamish, BC. She found this small climber’s paradise on a cross-country road trip years ago and knew at once that it was home. When not climbing on the amazing granite around Squamish or in the Bugaboos, Bonnie loves to road trip to the dessert for some splitter sandstone crack. As a result she often spends her springs and falls climbing in Indian Creek.

DISCLAIMER: Arc’teryx did provide Black Sheep Adventure Sports with a test sample but of course this did not influence our review in any way.