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First Look Review: CAMP Skimo Tour Crampon

CAMP Skimo Tour Crampons

CAMP designed a simple lightweight ski boot specific aluminum crampon. Announced in the winter of 2018 it has become a go to piece of equipment for many ski mountaineers in North America. One of the most noticeable features was the toe bail called T-Stop and how low profile it is.  The option for a Dyneema strap that replaces the spreader bar is a nice touch. Coming stock with anti-balling snow pucks means you can grab and go with no need for buying extra parts.


Weight: 450g (optional Dyneema linking strap makes it 350 g)

Points: 10
Frame Material: 7075 Aluminum
Antibott: Included
Binding: Automatic – Ski Boot Specific


The new toe system is called T-Stop. Basically it is a small T-shaped adjustable catch that grabs the front of the toe welt instead of using a metal wire bail. The main benefits are an increase in ski boot compatibility while making them easier to put on. Semi-automatic toe bails are still available for boots with shark toes (without a toe bail).

T-Stop Toe Bail

The heel bail was also changed to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of your boot walk / ski switch, it was shortened and made lower profile. The new heel has 3 height settings that you can change without any tools. A tradition strap still goes around your boot to ensure a secure fit.

CAMP Skimo Tour Crampon Getting tested on a day touring in Squamish backcountry

Now if you really want to lighten up the crampons, CAMP has made a Dynema® linking strap that replaces the steel spreader bar and cuts down the weight by around 100g.

NonoTech Option:

CAMP also has released a NanoTech version of this crampon seen below. Using the same overall idea and style but with some added steel front points that are very sharp. They will get you up the really hard packed snow and even some ice. Probably not necessary for most skiers but for the few who are getting after those super serious lines they could be the right tool for the job.

CAMP Skimo NanoTech


Aluminium crampons are starting becoming a mandatory tool for skiers who truly wanna “Shred the Gnar”, The only way you will get up your crazy steep lines is with some spikes on your feet. Some of the lines / boot packs require climbing short sections of vertical Neve (Ice like snow). A good chunk of the time, skiers are doing this without rope so failure is not an options.

After about a season of touring and having the CAMP Skimo Tour in the bottom pack I can’t say I’ve noticed them, simply because they are so light and compact. It’s changed that way I think about crampons.  I find myself no longer asking the question “Should I take my crampons today?” now it’s “Oh don’t forget to pack my crampons!”

CAMP’s new T-Stop system for the toe and heel bail keep this crampon on my boot very securely. I did all the testing in the Dynafit Vulcan seen in the photo below. Using a 10 point system it keeps you firmly stuck to the ground in most conditions a skier would encounter. They also made for some jealous partners.

It should be noted that these are a Skimo crampon designed to only fit ski boots and not meant for Ice or Mixed Climbing. If you use any aluminum crampon, on rock or super hard ice, the metal will get damaged and cannot be resharpened or fixed.

CAMP Skimo Crampon


  • Light
  • Quick to put on
  • Small and packable


  • Aluminium is soft and will get damaged by rock and hard ice (a failure of aluminum crampons in general)


CAMP USA supplied a pair of crampons for testing but of course this didn’t influenced this review in any way.