BC High Mountains

The 10 Tallest Project

BlackSheep Adventure Sports’ 10 Tallest Project

What is the 10 Tallest Project? Well, technically it’s BC’s 10 Tallest, and the idea is exactly what it sounds like: Climb the 10 highest peaks in BC. Some are easy to reach and not overly difficult while others are quite involved and seldom climbed. Each year, for the next little while, we’ll be offering guided trips (or expeditions) to a few of these peaks. If you’ve ever wanted to tag the summit of some of the coolest mountains around then this might just be for you!

Some background on some of these peaks can be found on this World Atlas Article. Interestingly, some research has shown that the list in the article is not entirely correct, they missed a few mountains!

What are the 10 Tallest peaks in BC?

In order of height, they include:

1.   Mt. Fairweather (4671m)
2.   Mt. Quincy Adams (4150m)
3.   Mt. Waddington Main Summit (4019m)
3.5 Mt. Waddington NW Summit (3975m)
4.   Mt. Robson (3959m)
Mt. Root (3928m)
6.   Mt. Tiedemann (3838m)
7.   Mt. Combatant (3762m)
8.   Mt. Columbia (3741m)
9.   Mt. Clemenceau (3664m)
Mt. Assiniboine (3616m)

Some of these trips are already organized and scheduled, others still in the planning phase while still more haven’t yet hit the drawing board. Be sure to keep in touch if there’s one or more that you’re keen on summiting. Or better yet, be the first to summit them all!

Rough Schedule:

We’ll be offering a few different trips to some of the more popular peaks while others will be scheduled once and then only offered upon request. The preliminary schedule is outlined below, if you’re keen on joining us for one of the very first peaks this spring let us know.





  • Mt. Combatant
  • Mt. Waddington (NW Summit)


If you’re interested in getting updates about this project be sure to send me an email to get on the list!