Gregory Alpinisto 35

Review: Gregory Alpinisto 35 Pack

The Alpinisto 35 backpack from Gregory is exactly what the name suggests: an alpine climbing and mountaineering pack. With features like a crampon pocket, ice tool attachments and a top-lid cut-out that allows a climber to look up while wearing helmet, this pack was designed with technical alpinism and ice climbing in mind. Of course it also makes a great mountaineering and scrambling pack. But … Continue reading Review: Gregory Alpinisto 35 Pack

Patagonia Descensionist Pack

Review: Patagonia Descensionist Ski Pack

The new Descensionist ski touring / ski mountaineering pack from Patagonia is based on the design on the popular Ascensionist, an alpine / mountaineering pack. This means that many of the attributes that made the Ascensionist such a hit are present on the new pack, just with a focus on back country skiing. The Descensionist has the key features required for touring in a light-weight … Continue reading Review: Patagonia Descensionist Ski Pack

Deuter Freerider Pro

Review: Deuter Freerider Pro 30

While Deuter makes several winter packs in the mid-size range we chose to review the Freerider Pro 30. Designed as a versatile ski touring pack I felt it more relevant than some of the other ski guide or race inspired offerings. The main compartment of the Freerider Pro 30 has two separate access points, through a zipper on the top of the pack and via … Continue reading Review: Deuter Freerider Pro 30

Long-Term Review: Osprey Kamber 32

I’ve been testing Osprey’s Kamber 32 for over a year now on a variety of ski trips in all kinds of conditions over BC and Alberta and this well designed pack has proven to be a worthy companion. Well featured, durable and comfortable it quickly became my go-to ski touring pack. And like a lot of pieces that I really like, I found myself using … Continue reading Long-Term Review: Osprey Kamber 32

Gregory Baltoro Pro Pack

Review: Gregory Baltoro 95 Pro Backpack

Yes the Baltoro Pro is a massive 95L backpack, a serious gear hauler!  But if you’re going to buckle down and suffer packing all that crap around you might as well take a comfortable pack!  In truth it wasn’t that many years ago that I got rid of all my larger packs and vowed that if I couldn’t do the trip with a 55L bag I wasn’t … Continue reading Review: Gregory Baltoro 95 Pro Backpack

Long Term Review: Osprey Mutant 38 Pack

Osprey has the reputation for making extremely comfortable packs and the redesigned Mutant 38 doesn’t disappoint.  This spacious 38L top loader fits like a glove, making it easy to forget how much heavy gear’s in it.  It’s also a very well thought out and versatile pack with features for just about any alpine mission.  While it’s not perfect, the Mutant’s a fantastic tool for the … Continue reading Long Term Review: Osprey Mutant 38 Pack

Osprey Shuttle

Review: Osprey Shuttle Wheeled Duffle

Many of the most exciting and memorable trips, expeditions and vacations include a flight or two requiring heavy, gear laden bags to be hauled though airports.  While most travelers have color coordinated suitcases that strap together into a tidy package that is easily rolled around airports, almost eliminating the requirement for any physical exertion, climbers are not most travelers.  Climbers can instead be spotted at … Continue reading Review: Osprey Shuttle Wheeled Duffle

Ski Pack Comparison

Comparison Review: Ski Packs

I’ve done a lot of pack reviews over the years though but traditionally focused on ice, rock or alpine oriented packs.  This year I decided to take this expertise and apply it to a comparison review of some newer mid-size ski packs.  I chose this size of pack as it’s so versatile: great for hut-based overnight trips, hut-to-hut ski tours, ski/snowboard mountaineering trips or even … Continue reading Comparison Review: Ski Packs

Patagonia Crag Daddy

Review: Patagonia Crag Daddy

Spring is here once again and many of us are taking our rock gear out of the dark corner that we threw it into after our fall climbing trip and getting ready to hit the crag.  To cart all that lightweight but surprisingly heavy gear around most outdoor companies have been coming out with very specialized cragging packs.  No longer do you have to use … Continue reading Review: Patagonia Crag Daddy