Gregory Alpinisto 35

Review: Gregory Alpinisto 35 Pack

The Alpinisto 35 backpack from Gregory is exactly what the name suggests: an alpine climbing and mountaineering pack. With features like a crampon pocket, ice tool attachments and a top-lid cut-out that allows a climber to look up while wearing helmet, this pack was designed with technical alpinism and ice climbing in mind. Of course it also makes a great mountaineering and scrambling pack. But … Continue reading Review: Gregory Alpinisto 35 Pack

Review: Scarpa Phantom Tech

Scarpa has been a world leader in the mountain boot industry since 1930 and are still going strong today! Released in 2016, the Phantom Tech is the lightest boot in Scarpa’s Phantom series which also includes the Phantom 6000 and Phantom 8000. While both the 6000 and 8000 are geared more towards high altitude mountaineering, the Tech is designed specifically for technical climbing and replaces the … Continue reading Review: Scarpa Phantom Tech

Cover Photo Winter Climbing

Winter OR 2018: Winter Climbing Gear

Well this is the last of the series of Winter 2018 Outdoor Retailer show reports but one of the more fun to research and write. The show sure had a lot of winter climbing eye candy this year with new ice tools, boots, screws, helmets, harnesses, etc. to check out. Given all the cool new technical climbing gear coming out this year you can expect … Continue reading Winter OR 2018: Winter Climbing Gear

Review: Helly Hansen Icefall Down Jacket

The Icefall Down Jacket from Helly Hansen has been around for quite a while. And while it’s undergone some small changes and improvements over this time the core jacket remains the same. Quite a testament to it’s versatility and popularity. But what’s contributed to this ongoing success? Only one way to find out: take it into mountains for some use and abuse. So that’s what … Continue reading Review: Helly Hansen Icefall Down Jacket

First Look Review: Beal Gully Half/Twin Ropes

Beal has really been setting the standard for superlight and safe climbing ropes lately and the new(ish) Gully is no exception. Amazingly light and dry the Gully half/twin ropes excel at alpine and ice climbing. The biggest selling feature for me is the Unicore technology that bonds the sheath to the core and in doing so drastically increases safety (not to mention durability). After a … Continue reading First Look Review: Beal Gully Half/Twin Ropes

Ice Climbing Avalanche Gear

Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

The ice climbing community has been undergoing a paradigm shift in regards to avalanche awareness and safety.  Like the ski community’s transition to wearing helmets, ice climbers continue to become more aware of avalanches and how to mitigate the associated hazards through knowledge and equipment.  This is a much different environment than was present almost 10 years ago when I was getting introduced to the … Continue reading Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

Lightweight Carabiner

Comparison Review: Lightweight Snag-free Carabiners

It wasn’t all that long ago that climbers had to choose between a lightweight carabiner and a snag-free carabiner. However, with innovations in technology, material processing and manufacturing more and more companies are blending these two features. We’ve reached the point where most brands have their own version but the designs are all a bit different. So it seemed like a great time for a … Continue reading Comparison Review: Lightweight Snag-free Carabiners

Beal Opera

Beal Opera 8.5mm Single Rope Review

The Beal Opera 8.5 is not only the lightest and thinnest single rope on the market, with the inclusion of Beal’s UNICORE technology, it’s also a very safe rope.  While it didn’t hit the market in North America with much fanfare this rope, and the Unicore tech in general, is a game changer!  One of the biggest dangers in climbing is damaging or cutting a rope: sharp … Continue reading Beal Opera 8.5mm Single Rope Review

Bella Coola Ice

Trip Report – Bella Coola Ice Climbing 2016

The name Bella Coola conjures up visions of extreme Alaska-esq type skiing for the power hounds out there due to the number of ski movies that have filmed in the area.  However, it’s relatively unknown in the ice climbing world.  One of the obvious reasons for this, of course, is the remote nature of the community. You don’t drive through Bella Coola on the way … Continue reading Trip Report – Bella Coola Ice Climbing 2016