Ice Climbing Avalanche Gear

Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

The ice climbing community has been undergoing a paradigm shift in regards to avalanche awareness and safety.  Like the ski community’s transition to wearing helmets, ice climbers continue to become more aware of avalanches and how to mitigate the associated hazards through knowledge and equipment.  This is a much different environment than was present almost 10 years ago when I was getting introduced to the … Continue reading Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

A Comparison Review of Prusik Cord Options

A prusik hitch is an invaluable tool when rock climbing, traveling across glaciers, climbing ropes, etc. However, there are a range of options when it comes to prusik material and of course each has its strengths and weaknesses. I review three of the more common options below in a long winded rant but threw in a few photos to keep you going. Continue reading A Comparison Review of Prusik Cord Options

Refreshing the Center Mark on a Climbing Rope

I often get asked how I mark the middle of my climbing ropes when the factory marks start to fade.  As I’m sure you know many manufacturers warn against using any dyes or markers on their product leaving people in a difficult position when the center mark disappears.  Of course one way to deal with this issue to purchase ropes with a mid-rope pattern change.  … Continue reading Refreshing the Center Mark on a Climbing Rope

Essential Gear for Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

When making the step from single to multi-pitch rock climbing you no longer have access to all the kit at the base of the climb.  This means that you have decide what’s important enough to haul up the wall and what can be left behind.  Below I provide an outline of the technical gear that I typically carry with me into the vertical world.  I … Continue reading Essential Gear for Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

Canister Stove Freezing Fix

Modern canister stoves like the MSR Reactor work great and have deservedly become very popular with alpinists and ski tourers.  The reason for this popularity is simply because they work really well.  The Reactor for example is extremely fast (a key consideration when making coffee in the am!), fuel efficient and works well in the wind.  However, the fatal flaw with the Reactor (and other … Continue reading Canister Stove Freezing Fix