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From Gym to Crag Pt. 2: How to Pick a Climbing Rope

Selecting a climbing rope can be confusing given all the different types and features available. This article focuses on giving you the information you need to select the right rope to climb at your local crag. When it comes to buying your first cragging rope to go there are two main factors to consider: Diameter & Length. Simple right! You can ignore options such as … Continue reading From Gym to Crag Pt. 2: How to Pick a Climbing Rope

From Gym to Crag Pt. 1: Choosing Quickdraws

Many new climbers are looking to transition from the gym to pulling on real rock. But to go outside some new toys are needed. This series of articles focuses on helping climbers select the right equipment to get out cragging. This first of the series will examine quickdraws. If you simply want to go top-roping you can skip this purchase for now. There’s a huge … Continue reading From Gym to Crag Pt. 1: Choosing Quickdraws

Winter OR 2018: Apparel

By utilizing innovative new fabric technologies and manufacturing processes companies like Patagonia, RAB, Mountain Equipment, Outdoor Research, Adidas and Mammut had some really cool new pieces to show off at the OR Show this year. Now this is just a short list of the highlights. If you have a question about a piece not included shoot me a message. Patagonia Capilene Air Baselayers: By taking … Continue reading Winter OR 2018: Apparel

Ice Climbing Avalanche Gear

Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

The ice climbing community has been undergoing a paradigm shift in regards to avalanche awareness and safety.  Like the ski community’s transition to wearing helmets, ice climbers continue to become more aware of avalanches and how to mitigate the associated hazards through knowledge and equipment.  This is a much different environment than was present almost 10 years ago when I was getting introduced to the … Continue reading Avalanche Gear for Ice Climbers

Lightweight Carabiner

Comparison Review: Lightweight Snag-free Carabiners

It wasn’t all that long ago that climbers had to choose between a lightweight carabiner and a snag-free carabiner. However, with innovations in technology, material processing and manufacturing more and more companies are blending these two features. We’ve reached the point where most brands have their own version but the designs are all a bit different. So it seemed like a great time for a … Continue reading Comparison Review: Lightweight Snag-free Carabiners

A Comparison Review of Prusik Cord Options

A prusik hitch is an invaluable tool when rock climbing, traveling across glaciers, climbing ropes, etc. However, there are a range of options when it comes to prusik material and of course each has its strengths and weaknesses. I review three of the more common options below in a long winded rant but threw in a few photos to keep you going. Continue reading A Comparison Review of Prusik Cord Options

DMM Pivot

Review: DMM Pivot Belay Device

The new DMM Pivot has stepped away from the standard design for multi-pitch belay devices (dual mode, tube style) and solved a long standing challenge: How to safely lower a second. Features: Weight:  72g Type:     Tube style, dual mode Rope Range:  8.7 to 11mm (single) Most standard multi-pitch belay devices look and perform about the same with only superficial differences to differentiate between brands.  Some work better … Continue reading Review: DMM Pivot Belay Device

Refreshing the Center Mark on a Climbing Rope

I often get asked how I mark the middle of my climbing ropes when the factory marks start to fade.  As I’m sure you know many manufacturers warn against using any dyes or markers on their product leaving people in a difficult position when the center mark disappears.  Of course one way to deal with this issue to purchase ropes with a mid-rope pattern change.  … Continue reading Refreshing the Center Mark on a Climbing Rope

Arcteryx Climbing Academy

Arc’teryx Climbing Academy 2017

Squamish, located at the head of Howe Sound, is home to world class rock climbing on granite cliffs that seem to poke right out of the ocean amidst a thick forest of lush, towering trees. It is also home to the annual Arc’teryx Climbing Academy.   Organized and run by Arc’teryx, the event will take place July 20-23, 2017. The line-up looks fantastic!  Educational seminars and clinics … Continue reading Arc’teryx Climbing Academy 2017