Arc';teryx Jacket

Picking the Perfect (Arc’teryx) Puffy:

A comparison review of the Arc’teryx Quantum Series of insulated jackets: Proton, Atom & Nuclei Walking around an outdoor gear store, or perusing one online for that matter, can be both fun and intimidating. There’s an absolute mountain of choice (yes, the pun was intended) when it comes to good quality kit! Now, a wide selection can be a great thing as it allows you … Continue reading Picking the Perfect (Arc’teryx) Puffy:

Hornby Organic Bars

Hornby? The best bars you’ve never heard of!

I’m branching out a little from my typical type of review as I wanted to highlight Hornby Organic’s energy bars. Not because they pay me or anything like that (I’m not compensated in any way for the website except if someone wants a guide). I just think they make fantastic bars and it seems that very few climbers and skiers have heard of them. Quite … Continue reading Hornby? The best bars you’ve never heard of!


Arc’teryx Climbing Academy 2018

Summer’s here and so’s the annual Arc’teryx Climbing Academy! If you haven’t been to one of these events yet you’ll definitely want to check it out. It’s based out of Squamish BC where you can find world class granite climbing without even leaving town. The event takes place July 19th to 22nd, 2018 but events and clinics book up fast so don’t procrastinate. This year’s line-up looks … Continue reading Arc’teryx Climbing Academy 2018

Indian Creek

Trip Guide: Indian Creek Essentials

Indian Creek is truly a crack climber’s paradise. With mile after mile of beautiful splitters in a magical desert setting it’s easy to see why crack enthusiasts return year after year. But for all you first timers out there this article will focus on some of the key equipment needed for a trip to this dessert climbing mecca. Of course I’m not going cover the … Continue reading Trip Guide: Indian Creek Essentials

Arcteryx Climbing Academy

Arc’teryx Climbing Academy 2017

Squamish, located at the head of Howe Sound, is home to world class rock climbing on granite cliffs that seem to poke right out of the ocean amidst a thick forest of lush, towering trees. It is also home to the annual Arc’teryx Climbing Academy.   Organized and run by Arc’teryx, the event will take place July 20-23, 2017. The line-up looks fantastic!  Educational seminars and clinics … Continue reading Arc’teryx Climbing Academy 2017

10 Cool Products to Check Out in 2017

Each year at the Outdoor Retailer show hundreds and hundreds of new products and designs are introduced by brands from all over the world.  Of course many of these so-called “new” products or innovations are realistically “me-too” products.  (me-too product: a brand introduces something new or different, soon after many other brands develop similar products).  However, every year there is some real innovation and new … Continue reading 10 Cool Products to Check Out in 2017


Climbers Guide to Squamish

With spring fast approaching I’ve found myself thinking about rock climbing more and more and getting excited about the upcoming season.  Excited for new climbs and to get back onto old projects, excited to be on the rock with the wind in my hair and the sun on my back.  However, as it’s currently pouring rain outside here in Squamish, this excitement has drawn me … Continue reading Climbers Guide to Squamish